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Burn Notice - Episode 4.02 - Fast Friends - Recap

Greetings fans! Welcome to the episode recap for Burn Notice - Fast Friends, the second episode of season 4. We meet Jesse Porter, played by Coby Bell. You may know him as Officer Tyrone Davis on Third Watch. He has been brought in as recurring, so expect to see a bunch of him this season. As this is a detailed recap, this will contain spoilers, so I've hidden it after a read more button. Enjoy!

VFOC: Miami fly-over

Sam and Michael talk, while Michael gets dressed for a meeting with Vaughn. Sam spews reasons why Michael shouldn't be getting involved in the dirty dealings with Management. Michael feels he needs to follow this road, since his actions have already resulted in one spy being burned. Sam agrees, but reasserts his belief that Vaughn is a vampire name.

VFOC: Miami fly-over, Vaughn's Balcony


Michael and Vaughn discuss Jesse Porter, the spy Michael burned last episode. Vaughn lets Michael know that Jesse is looking for the spy that burned him. Vaughn says he can arrange for a flight to a nice remote holding facility, but Michael urges him to allow him to look into Jesse. As if he expected Michael to want to fix things, Vaughn is prepared with a folder filled with phone records that he hands over to Michael. Jesse has hacked into a PBX box at a Allied Financial to place his calls.

Michael and Fiona, lean against the Charger outside Allied Financial, discussing Jesse; Fiona asks Michael what he plans to say to Jesse. Michael says he owes it to him. Fiona picks a lock, and Michael and her enter the building, check the security panel and note they have 90 seconds to do what they came for.

SPY OBSERVATION: (Michael breaks into the utility closet) Housed in office utility rooms, a PDX is an office switchboard for a whole company. Using a router with upgraded firmware, pros can hack them to make untraceable calls from the comfort of their own homes. It's how spies get free long-distance. Identifying lines to bug on a PDX is as simple as matching call times from your records to those int he computer. Of course, if you have to comb through thousands of phone calls, it is easier said than done. (Fiona makes a mess to cover their tracks) Everyone knows spies are good with languages and firearms, but they need to be good storytellers too. If you can't keep a break in secret, you have to get creative to cover your tracks. If a company has just laid off half of its staff, no one asks any questions when it looks like an ex-employee broke in to make a mess. (Fiona rigs a trash can explosion to buy her and Michael some more time as a guard gets closer to their location. When the guard gets too close, the explosion goes off, giving them the chance to slip out.)

Cut to title card.

Michael and Sam enter Madeline's house, gun's out. They startle Madeline, who is sitting with headphones on. Madeline, new to texting, had sent them a message "Need Help Now" and they came running. Turns out, all she needed was some hands to help renovate the garage into a room for her to rent out. Michael and Sam get indignant that they are losing their playroom, where they do private work, which Madeline says was making explosions and interrogating people.

Michael and Sam work on the garage listening to the receiver for the bug he set up on Jesse's phone. While working, they get to overhear an important conversation between Jesse and Freddy; they get a location to check out, and head to the site with Fiona in tow.

VFOC: Flyover Miami to the park where Jesse is meeting his contact.

Sam is in a car and Michael and Fiona on a nearby balcony waiting for Jesse's arrival.


Jesse enters the park to meet his contact, and Sam notices 2 SUVs with blacked out windows approach. Sam realizes that Jesse's been set-up, and the gang work to help him out. Jesse's contact, Freddy, tells Jesse that he was blackmailed, they had pictures of him that they'd take to his wife, and apologizes. The guys from the SUVs prepare to make a move.

SPY OBSERVATION: (Michael directs Sam to remove a nearby bicycle's chain and toss it onto power lines) Wrap a metal chain around two power lines and you complete a very powerful electrical circuit. It can get you arrested, but its a good way to make a ruckus in a pinch.

Jesse runs, opening fire on the SUVs as he escapes. The team decide to help Jesse out, and look for him after he escaped from the set-up, but come up empty-handed. Michael says the cops found a body near the park, Sam properly guesses it to be Jesse's contact. Vaughn calls in for an update on the Jesse situation, and isn't happy when the news isn't good.

SPY OBSERVATION: (Michael approaches his loft) Like engineers and wedding planners, spies obsess over details. If you always keep a lock with a logo facing in, and suddenly you find it turned out, you've got a problem. When you know someone is about to get the drop on you, you can play it safe and walk away, or you can pretend nothing's wrong, go about your business, and get the drop on them.

Michael gets the jump on Jesse, and Jesse introduces himself and asks for help. Jesse and Michael sit in his kitchen talking over a cup of yogurt. Jesse asks Michael for help, Michael is doesn't want to help on the government side, but is willing to help Jesse stop his enemy. Jesse tells Michael about Khan, a man who thinks he stole $2 Million from him. Michael agrees to help and Jesse wonders why Michael would want to help him, and Michael tells him that having a counterintel op that could one day put in a good word for him is worth the effort.


Michael sends Jesse to stay in a vacant condo by Fiona, since his own apartment won't be safe. Ever the queen of tact, Fiona just comes out and asks for details on Khan. Jesse says that info is classified, and Fiona replies that Michael is the spy, and he's the only one that cares about words like classified. She only cares about who she is supposed to be fighting. Khan is an Asian drug smuggler that got caught, and ran to Uncle Sam for help. He turned into a snitch to get leniency. Jesse was his handler, debriefing him and getting intel on terrorists. In the process of moving his money to US banks, it went missing, so Jesse is the prime suspect.

Michael and Fiona spitball ideas on how to handle the problem while Jesse listens in. The pair decide that setting him up with illegal weapons is the best, but trickiest move. As they list weapons, Jesse is incredulous about the inclusion of RPGs, but realizes quickly they are serious. Jesse asks if they have a way to get him set-up, and they lay it out simply: they get him to buy the weapons. When asked if he plans to just walk up to him and start talking, Michael says that is exactly the plan. "I'm a spy, that's what we do. Have things changed since I've been out?"

SPY OBSERVATION: (Michael approaches Khan and his group in a restaurant, quickly dispatches a bodyguard) Quick and excruciating, few holds are more effective than a thumb lock. A little pressure on the right spot and your target will be learning how to hold a fork with a new hand.

Michael sits down at the table.


Michael introduces himself as Turner, wearing silly little red lenses sunglasses, and that they share a mutual acquaintance, Jesse Porter. Khan says it isn't familiar and asks Mr. Lee if he recognizes the name.


Michael acts surprised that they don't know who Jesse is, after they made the sloppy attempt on him the previous day. Michael grabs some chopsticks, and eats a piece of Mongolian Beef, the first solid food I can recall him consuming, outside of yogurt, in the entirety of the show. (I might be wrong here, please feel free to correct me in the comments.) He proceeds to put a new piece of meat into his mouth with eat sentence. He offers to help them, as he has a cartel that wants Jesse as well. He shows them a photo of Jesse entering a bunker. He says he is buried in like a tick, in a bunker with Claymore mines in the door. Michael tries to enlist them for financial support, and they dismiss him quickly, refusing to deal with 'randoms off the street.'

FVOC: Marina shots to Jesse and Michael walking.

Michael introduces Jesse to Sam, and Sam outlines a plan to infiltrate Khan's home and play a triangle of death scenario, trapping Khan in a corner under gunfire. Michael will then swoop in, rescue Khan from Jesse, and ingratiate himself with Khan and his organization. Jesse argues over the plan, thinking it would be better to fire from within the compound. Sam states that their ultimate goal is to get everyone out alive if possible. Jesse says he can take a rent-a-thug by his lonesome, and Michael and Sam share a glance.

Michael and Sam sit in the Charger outside Khan's compound discussing working with Jesse. Sam asks Michael if this will get Khan to work with him or run away. He also expresses fear over working with Jesse, as counter intel ops tend to be lone wolves. Michael is convinced that because Jesse needs to get his name cleared, he knows this is his best shot, and he will be on his best behavior. No sooner than these words are spoken, Jesse opts to go with his version of the plan. Jesse invades the grounds, takes out the guard, and opens fire.

SPY OBSERVATION: (Jesse opens fire amidst a statuary, shooting at Khan and Lee) Like pro-athletes, spies know that no amount of practice or planning simulates the adrenaline rush of real action; that's why you always have to be ready to adjust tactics on the fly. If a teammate suddenly suddenly decided to shoot at you to convince the bad guys you're enemies... (Jesse fires at Michael, and the Charger takes the first damage of the season, a bullet through the windshield and driver's chair) You go with the flow, and shoot back.

Michael addresses Khan and his men about what just happened, all the time they keep their guns trained on him. Michael asks them if they are impaired, as it is plain to see that Jesse was striking back in retaliation for their attack on him. He's only out for Jesse, and they seem unable to handle it. Michael says if they don't want his help, they can kill him.

SPY OBSERVATION (Michael turns his back on the armed men): Whether in the field or a showroom, the most powerful move at the end of a sales pitch is to just walk away. It is an effective technique to close a deal. But it can also get you shot in the back.

Khan holsters his weapon and tells 'Mr. Turner' that he's on. Michael says he'll return with a shopping list, and that Khan should crack open his piggy bank. He also points out that Lee's safety was on through the gunfight. He gets into the Charger and leaves.

Jesse arrives at the loft where Sam and Michael are replacing the windshield on the Charger. Sam gets in Jesse's face about not sticking to the plan. They all agree to work together, as the Lone Ranger mentality doesn't fly. Michael prepares to meet with Khan.

FVOC: Miami fly-over to Khan's compound.

Michael, eating a pear, sits with Lee and discusses the munitions they will need to get to Jesse. Stating he is in a bunker, they are working to draw Jesse out, not get themselves into the bunker. Once he is in the open, he becomes easier to capture. Lee is apprehensive about buying the type or gear they need, saying it isn't legal. Michael says he has years of experience doing this, he knows what he needs to do the job, and most importantly, he knows Agent Porter's M.O. Michael plays Khan against Lee, and Khan sides with Michael, who provides him with an account where Khan can wire the funds.

Michael immediately gets on the phone with Fiona, having her and Jesse rig a truck to carry weapons, while he goes to his mother's house. Her renter had a cat that found some of Michael old detonators, so he needs to diffuse the situation.

SPY OBSERVATION: (Montage of Jesse and Fiona outfitting the truck) When using a street vehicle to haul serious weapons, some modifications are in order. Heavy-duty coils springs are used by dune buggies to race across the desert; add them to your suspension system, and you can hit a few potholes without snapping an axle. A strut brace over your engine stabilizes your center of gravity. And nothing helps with a fast getaway like a nitrous oxide tank connected to your fuel injector.

Jesse and Fiona 'flirt' about their abilities. More about admiring the skill than anything sexual. They take the newly modified truck for a test drive.

Michael meets with Khan and his men to show them the newly acquired weapons. Michael offers to take them to the bunker and starts to load his truck.

SPY OBSERVATION (Michael loads the first bag into his truck) Spies know the most distrusting people are often the easiest to manipulate. If you want someone to drive around with a trunk full of illegal weapons, just insist on doing it yourself.

Lee stops Michael from loading his truck, insisting on carrying them himself. Michael protests, saying his truck is designed to carry the weight. Khan agrees with Lee and they load the weapons into their car, which weighs it down dramatically.

Sam calls the police and makes an anonymous report. As they drive away, the cops begin to tail the car and truck.

SPY OBSERVATION: (Michael drives evasively) If you find yourself in a high speed pursuit while driving in a caravan, you don't always have to be faster than the cops, you just have to be faster than the guy next to you. Of course, it helps if you ARE faster than the cops.

Khan's car flips over, and he and his men are apprehended.

Back at his loft, Michael repetitively calls Jesse to no response. Michael receives a call from Khan, who informs him that after doing a favor for the DEA years ago, he was able to get his lawyers to convince them to release him. He managed to capture Jesse on his own, after Jesse returned to his own apartment. Khan asks Michael to assist him in the torturing of Jesse to get the information he needs.

Michael and Fiona set out, each with a mission of their own. Michael is off to Khan's to get Jesse, Fiona is off to Barry for some paperwork magic.

Fiona visits Barry, kicks out Barry's client and convinces him to do some dirty work for them. Barry is nervous to do it since it will require bribing bank officials. Meanwhile, Sam and Michael try to create a cheat sheet for Michael to give Jesse. The plant vital information in an obituary that Michael will use to seed the information he needs.

Michael shows up at Khan's and gets ready to interrogate him. He explains that Khan and his men have been doing it all wrong. He shows him the obituary, telling him that his aunt was easy to kill, but fought well for a civilian. Michael leads Jesse to the info he needs him to use in the ruse, all while putting on a good show for Khan and his men. Jesse gives Michael the info that he needs after reacting in a convincing manner for Khan and Lee. The bank location and number Michael has fed Jesse turns out to be Lee's accounts. Khan and Lee aim at each other, and they both fatally shoot each other in the chest. Jesse and Michael walk out the front door and join Sam in the car for a getaway.

Back at Fiona's Jesse compliments the team for the work they do. He is ready to move on from the condo, as it is infested with bees. Fiona suggests living with Michael's mother, to which Michael naturally balks. Fiona tells him it is already arranged. They ask Jesse why he returned to his apartment, and he shows them a St. Christopher medal that was his mother's.

Michael meets again with Vaughn, who is hungry for answers on the Jesse scenario. He tells Michael to hurry-up.

Back at Madeline's house, Michael walks in on Madeline giving Jesse some gun cleaner. Michael questions her on letting Jesse stay with her. She tells Michael that despite Sam, Fiona and he being a little crazy, they are doing something good, and she likes being part of it.

Michael and Jesse talk, sharing a little of the information he was burned over. Michael offers to help him follow his leads, and Jesse tells Michael that after everything is said and done, if he gets welcomed back, if he gets accommodations, medals... in the end, he is going to find and kill the person that got him burned. Michael acknowledges this fact with a closing glance at camera.

***The Charger returned, and as quick as she appeared, she took some gunfire. Sunglasses made an appearance, as did Michael's beloved yogurt. Michael also ate some real, solid food, on two occasions.***

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