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Show of the Year 2023 - Readers Mega Poll (Final Results)

31 Dec 2023

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Update: 31st December 2023 A massive congratulations to our top three shows in the Show of the Year 2023 - Readers Mega Poll!

1st Place: One Piece
2nd Place: Magnum P.I.
3rd Place: Shadow and Bone

Other shows featured in the top 10 include:
- Law and Order OC
- Law and Order SVU
- Lockwood and Co
- Mayans MC
- Station 19
- The Company You Keep
- Walker: Independence

One Piece has now been entered in our Hall of Fame page.

Thanks to everyone who took part in our poll, we received over 56,000 votes!

It's time for SpoilerTV's Readers Mega Poll!

In this poll over 330+ shows feature and you can select a maximum of 20. There is also an "Other - Leave comment" option at the end for any show not on the list.

Vote below and be sure to leave a comment with your picks, along with any shows that didn't quite make your top 20.

Note: The poll will be closed on 31st December at 5am EST.