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Best Character Wedding Proposals in TV History

27 Aug 2023

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Disclaimer: Please note that the views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of SpoilerTV.

There is nothing that TV audiences love more than seeing their favourite ships have a happily ever after. After investing so much time week after week watching their favourite characters' relationships blossom and develop, seeing the culmination of that love in the form of a marriage proposal makes viewers feel like they’ve crossed the proverbial finish line, experiencing a joy like no other. Regardless if the proposal is a grand gesture, or a simple act of love, it always manages to hit viewers right in the feels, often leaving them with a feeling of euphoria, or in a puddle of happy tears. As we patiently await the next TV wedding proposal, here is a run-down of some of the best character wedding proposals in TV history. 

Monica and Chandler, Friends 

In the two-part episode, “The One with the Proposal,” Chandler decides to tell Monica that he never wants to get married, as a way to deter her away from the fact that he is actually about to propose. When her old flame Richard re-appears and lets Monica know that he is prepared to give her everything she wants, including children, Monica is confused and upset because she really does love Chandler, she just wishes he would get it together. Just when Chandler thought that he’d lost Monica forever, he opens the door to her apartment and finds the room covered in candles, with Monica waiting to propose to him. As Monica got down on one knee, she was too caught up in the moment to continue, saying through tears, “there’s a reason why girls don’t do this!” Chandler drops to his knees, takes her hands in his and tells her that she has made him happier than he ever thought he could be, and vows to make her feel the same if she says yes. The scene also had the best laughter through tears moment ever, when Joey, who was waiting on the other side of the door with Phoebe and Rachel yells, “can we come in yet, we’re dying out here!” 

David and Patrick, Schitt’s Creek 

Who knew that such polar opposites could actually end up being the perfect match? At first, Patrick’s idea to take David on a hike seemed crazy, considering David is far from being the hiking type. However, the entire scene was a perfect testament to their relationship, Patrick pushing David out of his comfort zone and David going along with it (albeit complaining all the way), to make Patrick happy. During the hike, Patrick gets injured and David needs to let go of his hatred for the outdoors and his selfishness, in order to take care of the man he loves. These two balanced each other out, and it was sweet to see David take on Patrick’s role of being the care-giver in order to tend to his ailing boyfriend. Just when we thought the proposal was dead in the water, David romantically carried Patrick in his arms to the picnic spot and insisted they continue with the picnic. David’s genuine, heartfelt reaction when Patrick got down on one knee made the moment perfect and of course he said yes, how could he not? 

Jim and Pam, the Office 

Jim and Pam had one of the sweetest relationships on television, even if it took her a little longer to admit how she felt about him. When she moved to New York to pursue her dreams, Jim knew that he could not be apart from her for long. He had an engagement ring burning a hole in his pocket for months and he was finally ready to take the leap. He asked Pam to meet him at a gas station halfway between Scranton and New York. Even though there is a huge rain storm, nothing could stop Jim from making the moment happen, and so he proposed to Pam, in the rain, outside a gas station and she happily accepted. When you love someone so much, it doesn’t matter where the moment it happens, it only matters that it does.

Luke and Lorelai, Gilmore Girls 

Some of the best proposal scenes in heterosexual relationships have been when the woman proposes to the man, as was the case for Luke and Lorelai. Lorelai was upset because Rory had dropped out of college. Luke immediately steps in, offering suggestions to help and as he is listing off option after ridiculous option, Lorelai realizes how much he loves her and how much she loves him. She interrupts and softly asks him to marry her to which he immediately accepts. She tries to tell him to take a minute to respond but he refuses, he doesn’t need a minute. He knows how he feels. There is no ring, no flashy spectacle, but the amount of love that is apparent between the two in this scene makes their proposal one of the best to date. 

Derek and Meredith, Grey’s Anatomy 

This could easily be one of the most unique proposals on television, and in real life. Derek decorated an elevator at Seattle Grace Hospital with medical scans and reminders of the important moments during their journey together. If that wasn’t romantic enough, Derek’s heartfelt speech about how wonderful Meredith is, including “you say you’re all dark and twisty, but it’s not a flaw. It’s a strength. It makes you who you are,” was swoon worthy. The other aspect that makes this proposal unique, is that Derek didn’t get down on one knee and he didn’t actually say “will you marry me.” To him, those words weren’t needed. He told her he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and he knew she felt the same. Unfortunately, these two were never able to have their happy ending, but their proposal was definitely one for the books. 

Brennan and Booth, Bones 

As I said, some of the best marriage proposals on television have been when the woman pops the question and for Brennan and Booth, it was important that she was the one that asked. After eight long seasons of Temperance being adamant that marriage was not for her, this moment was everything that viewers, and Booth, had wished for but never thought possible. Temperance admits that she had been stubborn and she knows that marriage would make Booth so happy, which is all she really wants. Her proclamation, “I love you, I want you to be my husband, I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” was so heartfelt and sincere. Watching Temperance break down her walls for the man she loves was what made this proposal so absolutely perfect. 

Nick and Jess, The New Girl 

This proposal almost didn’t happen, after a hilarious set of misses that nearly had Nick give up and go home. Nick had planned what he thought was the perfect proposal, but soon learned that even the best laid plans can go awry and in this moment, that was totally okay. After chasing their dog into a drive-in movie theatre, Jess catches on to what Nick has been trying to do and just as he’s about to give up, telling her he wanted everything to be perfect, she tells him that this moment is perfect because it’s so them. As he gets down on one knee, their friends who were such a huge part of their lives, were there to witness it and that made the proposal even sweeter. It wasn’t the proposal Nick imagined, but it was definitely one to remember. 

Sheldon and Amy, The Big Bang Theory

No one ever expected Sheldon to find love, let alone propose to someone, until he met Amy. Amy’s love for Sheldon is so clear. She is the only one that can tolerate his idiosyncrasies and manage his quirks with patience and in fact, it makes her love him more. Their proposal isn’t anything over the top, he shows up at her door and as she opens it, he is on one knee holding the ring. He pops the question before she can even say anything. Amy is absolutely shocked by the gesture. She had begun to accept that the moment may never happen, so of course she emphatically said yes. Their love is unique and special and the proposal was so absolutely fitting for them. Simple yet incredibly romantic. 

Kate and Toby, This Is Us 

It is not surprising that a proposal on This Is Us would leave viewers in tears, but how could it not with Toby and Kate? They had the most perfectly hilarious relationship and the proposal was just the same. The hilarity being Toby buying $200 worth of mall kiosk sweatshirts to spell out, “will you marry me?” The romantic part was Toby telling super self-conscious Kate that she deserved everything she ever dreamed of, including a big wedding. The icing on the cake for this proposal was that he asked for her father’s permission, even though he was deceased. Toby knew how much Jack meant to Kate, and he knew that this final step would be important in sealing the deal and it certainly was. 

Rafael and Jane, Jane the Virgin 

Jane and Rafael both wore their hearts on their sleeves, especially when it came to each other. They are the couple that hopeless romantics yearn for, and even though it took a long time for them to find their way to their happy ending, it was absolutely worth every heartache and struggle that came before. Rafael worked hard to change and become the man and father that Jane needed him to be, and he was all in and ready for forever. Knowing how important Jane’s family was to her, his proposal tying into a typical night of playing Loteria with her family, was simple yet perfect. The last card in the game was the ring, and when Jane turns to see Raphael on one knee with a ring in his hands, she bursts into tears and emphatically accepts. The thoughtfulness of the proposal, having every card be a moment in their relationship, was so absolutely perfect. Jane and Raph are one of the most romantic couples in TV history and this scene helped them earn that badge. 

Ben and Leslie, Parks and Recreation 

This proposal was perhaps the most fitting to who the characters are. Leslie always had to micromanage situations and be in control, almost to the point that she was preventing Ben from proposing to her. Thankfully, Ben was patient with Leslie and finally made the moment happen by planning a surprise trip home to see her on Halloween, getting down on one knee and popping the question. In true Leslie fashion, she interrupted the moment by telling Ben she needed a few minutes to remember every detail of the moment. Of course, Ben patiently waited and when she was ready, he continued and before he could even finish asking, she happily accepted. These two balanced each other out in every way and it was so nice to see them finally get to this moment. 

Lucas and Peyton, One Tree Hill 

Lucas and Peyton came from two different worlds, but that didn’t stop them from falling head over heels for each other from the moment they met. Despite a rocky road leading them in different directions throughout the course of the show, they always found their way back to one another and their love never faded. Lucas actually proposed to Peyton four times in total. The first time was shortly after graduation, when she told him she wasn’t ready because she escaped to LA because of the bad memories she experienced in Tree Hill. The second was over the phone when he asked her to elope in Vegas. The third proposal took place in the same hotel room that Lucas proposed in the first time, with the intention of re-creating the moment to have a positive ending. Finally in season 6, Lucas takes Peyton to the spot where they spoke to each other for the first time in Tree Hill. Even though they were already engaged, Lucas got down on one knee and presented Peyton with a beautiful ring and her response, “I am so glad you always knew me,” was absolutely perfect. This couple had one of the most epic television love stories of all time, the fact that it took four proposals to get to their happy ending, is a testament to how much they had to overcome to be together. 

Helen and Max, New Amsterdam 

Despite the disastrous turn that the show took in season 5, Helen and Max will always be one of the most perfect couples in television history. Despite Max being married in season 1, it is clear that he had an immediate connection with Helen, and she was definitely falling hard for the man that was not only her boss, but also her patient. These two were each other’s confidantes and best friends through three seasons. Helen saved Max from Cancer, helped him get through the death of his wife and she saved his life again, after he was exposed during a chemical spill at the hospital. When these two finally professed their love for one another, it was evident that marriage was inevitable. Max had planned a perfect engagement dinner and moonlight walk through New York. The scene of him practicing his proposal in his bathroom mirror was absolutely adorable, and showed just how much he loved Helen and wanted the moment to be perfect. But in another best laid plans go awry moment, Helen is drugged at a karaoke club and is admitted to the hospital. As Max sits by her side at her hospital bed, the two discuss their future and wanting children together. Max is so overwhelmed by his love for her that he decides to propose right there in the ICU, even declaring, “would you make me the happiest man in this whole ICU and marry me?” Helen’s emphatic, repeated “yeses” are the perfect response and it was such a huge “finally” moment for fans of the couple. It is too bad the show runners ruined their happy ending, but that’s a story for another day.  

Barney and Robin, How I Met Your Mother 

The most amazing thing about this proposal is that self-professed ladies man, Barney, went to great lengths to create the perfect moment for Robin, decking out a beautiful rooftop in rose petals and lights. True to his character, Barney fooled everyone by making them believe that he was proposing to someone else, so when he got down on one knee and proposed to Robin, she was genuinely shocked. He made it clear to her that this was the last play he would ever run, even naming it “the Robin.” At first, she didn’t realize the play was referring to her, chewing him out for putting her through this. When he got down on one knee, she immediately softened and was touched by the lengths he had gone through. They didn’t end up having a happy ending, but the proposal was romantic, fitting and memorable.