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SDCC - Three Offsite Activations You Need to Hit!

21 Jul 2023

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SDCC is upon us, friends! It’s a bit of an odd one, with so many canceled panels due to the studios’ inability to offer writers and performers a fair contract – but that doesn’t kill the vibe of the loyal SDCC fans at all. The convention is back, focusing greatly on the core of what SDCC is…and offsites.

Offsites have exploded within the last decade, as studios have taken more and more hold of the Comic Con culture. They’re a great option for anyone around who wants to join in on the fun but weren’t able to snag a badge, if you manage to get a reservation, or are willing to stand in a long standby line.

During Wednesday and Thursday, I was lucky enough to tour some of the offsites that this year’s festivities have to offer, and these are the three offsites that I believe are worth your time.

Paramount’s THE LODGE

On 5th Street, just a couple short blocks from the convention center, you’ll find yourself transported into THE LODGE. The offsite has activations for various Paramount shows and movies, including (but not limited to) Good Burger, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, Yellowjackets, and Spongebob Squarepants.

Guests can start with the Spongebob photo op with a Krusty Krab background, then there’s the Special Ops: Lioness puzzle you’re tasked to complete within a certain time limit. The activation next to it is the Yellowjackets photo op, topped with some goodies, then feel free to grab an iced coffee or iced tea from the Transformers counter. Please note that there isn’t a special tasty theme to these drinks, but the counter and surrounding area has some great decor.

In the next room over, you’ll be immersed into a totally different environment. Guests will first see the Pet Sematary photo op. To the right, there’ll be artists creating Star Trek themed caricatures, limited to 30 per hour. Workers will be walking around with Good Burger sliders that you can exchange a burger ticket for – the options are cheeseburger, veggie burger, or hamburger. Across the way, there’s a bar with some drink options. (The 1923 cocktail is delicious!) Next to the bar, there’s an Ink Master temporary tattoo station with some awesome Paramount-themed templates; just don’t expect it to last very long! Finally, there’s a 1923 photo op.

Overall, the offsite is extremely enjoyable and there’s a lot to do! It’s worth the wait of a line, but… My suggestion for this offsite? Know what your priorities are. Sessions are limited, and certain things cap fast. If you want a caricature of yourself, get to that line first thing. It’s an awesome goodie (probably the best one I’ve ever seen at an offsite), but they can only do 30 an hour! And be prepared for that to be the only thing in The Lodge that you get to.

Check out this offsite yourself at:

340 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101


Right across from the IMDb Boat on the bayside, you’ll come across Hulu Animayhem: Enter the 2nd Dimension. If you like photo opportunities, this is the offsite for you!

The line is in the sun, but there’s some heavy duty fans that’ll keep you cool as you wait to enter this 2-D attraction.

You’ll get hit by a shrink way upon entering, to lead you into the first room: Solar Opposites. You’ll be able to take photos with giant Legos, a giant mouse, and some bottle caps. Next, you’ll get to a mirrored room with cutouts of Roger from American Dad in different outfits, which will lead you to the grand The Great North dome. The room is nice and cool – a great break from the hot summer heat!

Next, you’ll be led to the main hang-out area. On the right, you’ll be able to take a quick photo with an Archer backdrop. On the left, you’ll be able to enjoy some mini donuts and iced coffee (milk and sugar available). You can sit on the Family Guy couches and answer trivia questions, take a photo in the Bob’s Burgers booth, or pose in front of the Futurama rocket. The big attraction of this section is the 2-D video opportunity. Won’t spoil too much, but it’s pretty unique!

After that, is a cool Futurama room, with three photo op sections. From there, you’ll be led towards the exit (and some awesome goodies)! The giveaway for this is probably the best of the convention; a cool green bag, a poster, and a half-dozen pin set. Even if you’re not huge on photos, the freebies make it worth it.

Check out this offsite yourself at:

501 Convention Way, San Diego, CA 92101


Just next to Hilton Bayfront, you’ll be able to enter the FX’s offsite. Split into four activations, [

It’s rather quick and easy to enter the area, and each activation has an individual line. It’s a great way to organize so guests can prioritize what matters most.

What We Do In The Shadows lets you spin a wheel with two winning options: popsicle, or a beachball. The popsicle was my hope – amazing for the heat – but be wary of the mint lemonade one if you don’t like spearmint (it’s not the natural mint you’d put in lemonade). Then, there’s a couple photo ops, and a sunscreen station!

For American Horror Story, you’ll enter a little popup room, and be greeted by a “medical professional” and a wellness shot (which had an unexpected taste). Then, you’ll be led to the back of the room, behind the curtain, where you can lie down on an examination bed for a photo op. There’s a few little surprises as well!

Next is the A Murder at the End of the World activation, which takes you inside of the cabin of a fancy jet. The suspense builds up as the activation goes on, with some cool little tech, and another room with a beautiful lightshow, and a trailer for the upcoming show. It’s definitely intrigued me!

Unfortunately, the Shōgun activation wasn’t on when I toured the area, but I’ve heard amazing things!

It’s a great offsite if you want to do one particular activation; the lines aren’t nearly as long as some other offsites because of how it is split up, but they are much shorter. It’s a great time and a fun vibe!

Check out this offsite yourself at:

1 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101