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November Quote of the Month

8 Dec 2022

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the SpoilerTV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

1. Luthen Rael: “What is my sacrifice? I'm condemned to use the tools of my enemy to defeat them. I burn my decency for someone else's future. I burn my life to make a sunrise that I know I'll never see. And that ego that started this fight will never have a mirror or an audience or the light of gratitude.”

The Cleaning Lady
1. Arman to Garrett: “Because of that stunt you pulled, you signed our death warrant. Kamdar killed Nick Chambers, and now he’s on a rampage trying to figure out who tipped off the FBI. Right now, it’s just us and your Maya.” ~~~later Arman is faced with an impossible choice by Kamdar- killing Thony or Maya. He kills Maya, ultimately betraying Garrett himself and likely signing his death warrant twice.

The Crown
(Elvis and Sandi):
1. Princess Margaret: “Out of the acorn of a simple kindness, an oak tree of happiness will grow.” (Elvis) 
2. Margaret: “Lilibet. Let me ask. How many times has Philip done something? Intervened when you couldn't? Be strong when you couldn't be? Be angry when you couldn't be? Be decisive when you couldn't be? How many times have you said a silent prayer of gratitude for him and thought, ’If I didn't have him, I'd never be able to do it?’ How often? Peter was my sun, my water, and you denied me him.” (Sandi) 
3. Elizabeth: “How else are we different?” Philip “After forty-seven years of marriage, we might ask ourselves, how are we still alike?” (Sandi) 
4. Diana: “You think the family I married into is any different? I was instructed to dress modestly, speak in a low voice, and walk one pace behind my husband and address him always as ‘sir’. I was discouraged from expressing opinions or having an education, and I had to make a vow that I was a virgin before being considered fit to marry him.” (Sandi)

Dangerous Liaisons (Sandi):
1. Camille: “Everything’s a map isn’t it? Every line, every scar...the things we’ve done...the things we will do. We’re all just maps. And somehow we find our way to the things we want.”

The Handmaid’s Tale
1. Janine: “That’s not my name...and we’re not friends. Do you really think that we’re friends? I think that you are one of the worst people I have ever known. I am not your friend. I hate you, Naomi. How can you not know that?” 
2. June: “We waited last time, and we waited too long. And we didn’t see how much they hated us. I lost you, and then we lost Hannah.” Luke: “What, you’re just gonna forget about her now?” June: “We will never, ever forget about her. But we cannot help her if we are dead. It’s changing. Luke...this country is changing.” Luke: “No. Canada’s not Gilead.” June: “America wasn’t Gilead, until it was. And then, it was too f***ing late. Luke, we have to go.”

Leverage: Redemption
1. Harry, in a Chechen accent: “I have loaded the blanks into the gun. Now, talk me through the rest.” Breanna: “Just stop with the freaky accent thing.” Harry: “Perhaps I will use this accent forever. Ahahahaha!” 
2. Breanna: “And he’s a cheater, cheater, energy drink drinker.” Parker: “Doesn’t really rhyme, does it?” Sophie: “Cheater, cheater, protein bar eater?” Harry: “Cheater, cheater, exploits players in an amphitheater.” 
3. Parker: “Love’s not about how much time you spend with someone. It’s about who you are when you’re together. And the cool thing is that no matter how much time passes, it’s’s something you always get to keep with you.”

Lopez vs Lopez
1. Mayan: “Anyway, the Citizen Alert app just alerts you about crimes happening nearby. Like earlier, there was a report of a drunk in a green hoodie stealing lemons from a yard.” George, taking lemons from pockets of his hoodie, placing them on the table, and picking up a beer: “Not drunk yet.”

Seal Team
1. Ray: “Three technicals and twenty’re not winning this one.” Sonny: “Well, somebody’s gotta pay, you understand?” Ray: “Clay’s gone, man. And brother, you can be angry about it, you can be sad, you can make some kind of deal with God over it. But nothing is bringing him back. Who’s gonna take care of Stella and Brian, if you get killed, huh?” 
2. Jason, as the room full of Marines lists their battle scars: “Thanks, brother.” Ray: “We got your back, brother. And no one is saying anything that isn’t true. What’s command gonna do, pull all our birds? Like you taught me, bossdog...always improve your fighting position.”

So Help Me Todd
1. Todd: “I’ve been waiting my whole life for someone to ask me that.” ~~~Todd feels a rush after Lea asks Todd to hold her stuff while she breaks into a suspect’s apartment. He’s finally found someone who shares his excitement about not-so-legal investigative tactics.

Titans (Sandi):
1. Jinx: “What? Like, I’m supposed to know every crazy witch with a staff?” Dick: “It’d help.”

The Walking Dead
1. Daryl: “I need you here.” Judith: “That’s crap. This isn’t the future my brother wanted. Not what my mum and dad fought for. Not yet. What we’re doing could help everyone. Not just us, but maybe everybody everywhere. I want to be a part of that. To make what my family believed in real.” 
2. Negan: “You take Pammy out with this thing, hell is gonna rain down on you and you ain’t gonna come back, and you have to come back. So I’m gonna do it. Last night, when I was down on my knees, about to lose my wife, my...I was about to lose everything and I finally understood what you must’ve felt. Look, I know that I probably owe you more than this, but, I am so sorry, for what I took from you...and what I took from your son.” 
3. Daryl: “You built this place to be like the old world. That was the f***ing problem.” Pamela: “If I open the gates, the dead will get in, not just the living.” Daryl: “If you don’t, you’re gonna lose everything anyway. We got one enemy. We ain’t the walkin’ dead.” Everyone: “We’re the ones who live.”

The White Lotus
(Elvis and Sandi):
1. Tanya: “Guess who I am?” Valentina: “Peppa Pig.” Tanya: “I'm Monica Vitti.” Valentina: “Monica Vitti's dead, but yes.” (Elvis) 
2. Bert: “Hey, hey, hey. It’s a normal male fantasy.” Albie: “No, movies like that socialize men into having that fantasy.” Dominic: “Movies like that exist because men already do have that fantasy. We’re hard-wired.” Bert: “Mmm, comes with the testosterone.” (Sandi) 
3. Bert: “They used to respect the old. Now, we’re just reminders of an offensive past everybody wants to forget.” (Sandi)

What We’re Watching:

FBI - 5.07 (Dahne)
1.  Tiff: “It’s an illegal rave space. They’re powering juice from the adjacent buildings. I may have attended a few of these parties in my younger days.” Scola: “Why was your youth so much more fun than mine?”

Doctor Who (Elvis):
1. Rose: “The world doesn't end if the Doctor dance.”

Criminal Minds
6.10 - 1.  Rossi: “This won’t be easy, Ashley. It may trigger some extremely painful memories.” Ashley: “I appreciate the concern, but when your father kills 25 women before you’re a teenager, painful memories don’t need a trigger. They just are.” 
6.18 - Derek: “She left her badge and gun? Why would she do that?” Spencer: “That doesn’t make sense. Why run? We’re her family. We can help.” Rossi: “Doyle’s killing families. She’s not married, not close to relatives. He was ready to wipe us out. She ran to protect us.” Hotch: “It takes a skilled sociopath to betray his team and the cause he held dear for self-preservation. If you cooperate with us and we save Agent Prentiss, then maybe we can talk about a deal. But if anything happens to her, I will destroy you. You can count on that.”

Ghosts (Sandi):
1. Alberta: “It’s a steep price, but at least I’ll get my Jason Momoa fix. And we will be watching certain scenes in slow mo.” Pete: “AKA, Slow mo-Momoa. Hehehe.”