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So Help me Todd - So Help me Pod - Review

7 Nov 2022

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The show revisited the past this week, as Margaret worked with true crime podcaster, Lea Luna (Vella Lovell), to solve a 13 year old case that could get Margaret’s wrongfully accused client, Antonia Suarez, out of jail. More of Margaret and Todd’s past was also brought to the forefront, giving viewers insight into the dynamic between the two during the time Todd was growing up. Even though the case this week wasn’t new, it was still filled with twists and turns, fresh with the comedic element we all enjoy. The addition of Lea to the sleuthing team of Todd and Margaret, brought a fun and new dynamic, as she is basically a female version of Todd, except a lot cooler and much more put together. 

The episode begins with Todd literally busting in on Margaret and Lea filming an episode of her podcast, PDX-Files. He knows nothing about the case, but is immediately struck by Lea and wants in on the investigation. He manages to talk his mother into letting him investigate instead of Lyle, citing that even though Lyle was part of the original investigation, Todd would bring fresh eyes to the case. Todd and Lea begin by breaking into the apartment where the victim, Riya Chen, died. Todd is excited that he’s finally found someone who feels the same rush he does about these situations, which is noted when Lea asks him to hold her stuff while she breaks into the apartment and Todd excitedly replies, “I’ve been waiting my whole life for someone to ask me that.” Todd and Lea make a great team, especially because their investigative style is so alike. She even believes in the same crazy conspiracy theories that he does. Investigating the case allows them to spend a lot of time together, including being locked together in a basement, where the assumed killer attempted to roast them by cranking the basement heat. Meanwhile, Margaret and Francey are also working to solve the case. Margaret goes to see the detective that worked the Suarez case, Walsh, and he reveals that he has had the murder weapon the whole time. The dynamic sleuthing of Margaret, Todd and Lea with the help of Francey, Susan and Lyle, leads them to identify the real killer, novelist Evelyn Wilder, proving that Antonia Suarez is innocent. Margaret confronts Evelyn during a book signing, where she reveals her to be the killer. Suarez is released from prison and has her conviction overturned. It was great to see Francey take on a more central role this episode, especially becoming a support system and friend for Margaret, considering how lonely she has been since Harry left. 

The episode also unraveled some of the history between Todd and Margaret, and revealed that Todd is carrying hurtful memories that have contributed to him being the person he is today. During the investigation, Todd reveals to Lea that his mom missed his 18th birthday, and wasn’t there for him when he started college. Margaret denies this, but it is clear that she was so wrapped up in her career at the time, that she didn’t even realize how much of an absentee mother she was being. Margaret spends so much time coming down on Todd for being a disappointment, but this realization has made it clear to her that she also played a role in the person Todd has turned out to be. As much as we love to see Margaret and Todd bicker, we also adore seeing the soft moments between them, maybe even more. Margaret attempts to make things up to Todd with an 18th birthday cake made with his favourite frosting from his favourite place, without him even expecting or asking for this atonement. Todd lovingly tells her he’s really proud that he’s her son. As much as Todd gets under Margaret’s skin, these two love each other and after all, isn’t that what family is all about? 

That brings us to Susan. Although the writers have made it obvious that there is still a spark between her and Todd, no progress has been made to push that arc forward. Susan is a supporting character at best, but she hasn’t been developed enough for us to want to root for her. She sees the way Todd looks at Lea and it’s obvious that she’s jealous, but she realizes the position she’s in, engaged to another man, and gives Todd advice on how to ask Lea out on a date. The chemistry that Todd and Lea build throughout the episode is more than he and Susan have built all season so far. Perhaps Lea will be the thing that causes Susan to realize her feelings for Todd and act on them. It’s difficult to say, but Todd asked Lea out and although she’s leaving for a few weeks to investigate for her next podcast, she’s all in. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. 

This was yet another great episode for the series, as the writers continue to provide viewers with what they want to see, which is always a recipe for success. Next week, Todd and Allison’s infamous brother Lawrence finally makes an appearance. It will be great to see what he adds to the Wright family dynamic and what kind of role he will have on the show. What did you think of the episode? What were your thoughts on Lea? Do you hope to see her in a recurring role? Share your thoughts in the comment box below or engage with me on Twitter @ms_c_almeida.