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Quote of the Month

7 Oct 2022

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the SpoilerTV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Archer (Prpleight)
1. Ray: “You being smart with me?” Mechanic: “No seƱor. I don't think you'd understand me if I did.”

Better Call Saul (Natalie)

1. Jimmy: "How did you...?" Kim: "Uh, turns out my New Mexico Bar card doesn't have an expiration date." Kim: "You had them down to seven years." Jimmy: "Yeah, I did." Kim: "Eighty-six years." Jimmy: "Eighty-six years. But... with good behavior, who knows?"

Blood & Treasure (Natalie)

1. Danny: "Shaw, I thought you were going legit." Shaw: "I am, but just because you're in AA don't mean you can't have one beer." Danny: "That's exactly what it means."

Bloods (Sandi)

1. Maleek: “Look in the dictionary for shook and there you’d be, except no one would know it was you because your photo would be all blurry from how shook you are.”
2. Wendy: “We may not link our bits but I am definitely your work wife.” Maleek: “You are not my work bae. I would know if I had a work bae.” Wendy: “Well, we argue all the time and we don’t have sex. You know, wake up and smell the flat white coffee, Maleek. I am 100% your work bae.”

Brassic (Sandi)

1. Erin: “Fox one in position. Over” Sugar: “Fox two in position. They’re about to cut the power. Over.” Carol: “Fox three in position. Over.” Erin: “Fox three, what’s with the pram? Over.” Carol: “It’s m’ cover. I’m a foreign au pair working here locally for a very wealthy couple, who’ve been working away for ten years in Hong Kong. Over.”

Chicago PD (Lexi)
1. Kim Burgess: "I believe in you Adam, I do. And I'm sorry if it hasn't always felt that way."

The Cleaning Lady (Laura)

1. Arman: “I wish I could do something to help you right now.” Thony: “I know you do.”
2. Robert Kamdar: “What exactly is your relationship to Nadia?” Thony: “I-I work for them as a cleaning lady. Sometimes, they send me to do other things.” Robert: “That's a lot of responsibility for a maid.” Thony: “No one pays attention to the cleaning lady.”
3. Alma: “Your Tatay and I made a lot of mistakes raising the two of you. We spoiled Marco, but...that doesn't mean we love you less. We just thought that you were stronger.” Fiona: “It didn't mean I didn't need you, Nanay.” Alma: “I know. But look what you've done. Coming here, raising two kids in a new country, alone. You're a good mom. [in Tagalog] I’m proud of you.”

Evil (Natalie)

1. Ben: "So it's The Ring, right? The supernatural world is watching movies and they're basing their new rules on a B-movie." Kristen: "Hello, that's not a B-movie."

Ghosts (Prpleight and Dahne)

1. Hetty: “Avoid relationship conflict at all costs."  Isaac:  "Yes."  Hetty:  "Bottle it up. Allow the resentment to fester until the hatred becomes so ever-present you must turn to the sweet, sweet milk of mother morphine to numb the pain.”  Isaac:  "Yeah, a short conversation couldn't hurt."  (Prpleight and Dahne)
2.  Isaac to Thor, after listening to Wannabe by the Spice Girls:  "I'm sorry.  You are a good friend and I have treated you poorly, and I would like you to come back upstairs."  Thor:  "You truly mean this?  Thor not annoying?"  Isaac:  "Well, those are two different questions, but yes - no, I mean it.  And Nigel, I care about you but something I learned today is that if you want to be my special companion, you got to get with my Viking friend." (Dahne)

House of the Dragon (Chris)
1. Princess Rhaenys: "Men would sooner put the realm to the torch than see a woman ascend the Iron Throne."

A League of Their Own (Natalie)

1. Greta: "God, we are all f*** fruit!" Lupe: "We're fruit!" Greta, pointing: "FRUIT!!"
2. Greta: "Because of Tommy, who to be honest, never deserved to be in your bra in the first place, okay?” Maybelle: “But now he might die." Greta: "And that's his problem."

Reboot (Chris)
1. Gordon: "Let's remake something original."

Resident Alien (Prpleight)

1. Sheriff Thompson: “We got here first. You just can't go towing that car.” Detective Torres: “I don't see your crime scene tape on it.” Deputy Liv: “Well that's because we ran out and had to switch to yellow birthday party streamers which disintegrated in the rain.”
2. Sheriff Thompson: “Nobody ever told me, someday somebody's gone put somethin' on your plate and and and you gone think it's food, and it's actually a bull n**.” Liv: “Did you want me to, uh, get you the corndog from the kids menu at the diner?” Sheriff Thompson: “No, I only order that cause it comes with a free coloring book. I done already done all the pictures.”
3. Harry: “Am I beginning to care about all humans? What kind of monster have I become?”
4. Harry: “There is no point in me resisting. Asta always does the right thing. It is her most annoying trait. That and she never lets me kill anyone.”

See (Sandi)

1. Baba: “How many did you get?” Ranger: “You go first. How many did you get?” Baba: “Same time.” Ranger: “Okay. Sii..” Baba: “Six.” Ranger: “..even. I win.”