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The Cleaning Lady - Season 2 - Chelsea Frei Joins Cast in Recurring Role

23 Aug 2022

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Chelsea Frei (Dollface) has been tapped for a major recurring role opposite Oliver Hudson on the upcoming second season of Fox’s series The Cleaning Lady.

Frei portrays Maya Campbell. When Maya took up a job as a bartender in Vegas to pay off her student loans, she had no idea her entire life would be turned around when FBI Special Agent Garrett Miller (Hudson) used his charms to turn her into a confidential informant. Maya became integral to a major FBI drug case, but when a fiery affair ended their relationship — and Garrett’s marriage — he was forced to sever all ties and walk away from the case in order to save his career. Now in Season 2, Maya comes back into the picture and Garrett becomes determined to make things right and get her out. Question is — does Maya want to be saved from the crime world she’s now deeply enmeshed in? Her character will be introduced in the second episode of Season 2.