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2022 Character Cup - Finale!

10 Aug 2022

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And we’re here - the finale. With 355 unique characters nominated and 53 participants, we’re down to the final 2 competitors for the 2022 Character Cup. Thank you to everyone who has participated in any form - nominating, suggesting TV Talk Topics, finding pictures, predicting, voting, commenting, using social media to promote the contest. I appreciate you all and I hope you have had a good time. In the end, it is down to Scylla Ramshorn and Olivia Benson. To get here, Scylla had to defeat Leo Fitz, Kamala Khan, Gil Arroyo, and Rebecca Pearson (who is in the poll for third place today). Olivia had to defeat Dana Scully, Nancy Drew, Superman, Hailey Upton, and Spencer Reid (who is also in the third place poll today). Like last year, this will be the highest any of the remaining characters has ever gotten in the Character Cup.

With Scylla’s win over Rebecca, Luana will be the winner of our 2022 Prediction Contest. Congrats! That’s some awesome predicting! Don’t forget to check out the links below for the mini-contest, so you can see the remaining shows’ opening credit sequences. There are also links for previous polls, the prediction contest, and the rules. Please remember that there is only one vote per person per poll. Happy voting!

Mini-contest links: 
Previous Posts
Prediction Contest

This round will end at approximately 10:30 am CST on Thursday, August 11.

TV Talk Topic: DVR and To-Watch Lists

Part 1 - What is currently on your DVR or your streaming watch list? With so many shows to choose from, what makes you check out a show for the first time?

Part 2 - What suggestions do you have for the Cup next year? I always look at feedback before starting the next Character Cup so please share your comments and feedback below. Please note that I can’t make your favorites win though. ;-)