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Roswell, New Mexico — You Get What You Give — Review

12 Jul 2022

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Granted I didn't watch this episode until after midnight, but it exhausted me. Watcing this episode was like treading water or running in circles. More specifically, the Liz and Max of it all is exhausting me. The writers are running their relationship in circles; it feels like filler. And as such, it was the least interesting part of the episode, but about it, I have a lot to say.

Let Me Show You Love
Dallas and Maria discovering the alien tree in the barn and connecting it to Mimi's message added a fun bit of mystery to a messy plot. It also managed to bring two sidelined characters into the main story. I think? No matter what, I'm interested, and for the moment, I'm willing to ride this Dallas and Maria as investigator buddies train. Let's hope they tread carefully. Luckily, the writers anticipated some of my questions about Dallas helping his father plant trees during olden times, but they didn't answer them all. For instance, how did Dallas find himself back in a pod? And by that I mean, who was around to place him in a pod while his father was being tortured and ultimately murdered by the government? Also, why was it safe for Dallas to live outside of the pod in 1947? Another way of asking, why were Michael, Isobel, and Max so precious? I suspect these questions like so many others about Roswell, New Mexico will never be answered.

Somebody Who Can Love Me At My Worst

Despite being an absolute ass this season, Max is indeed the Savior. This would have been an excellent opportunity to go with the father and son trope, making Michael the true savior — alas. By the by, do we know if Max ever told Michael he was actually the child scribbling all over the walls and effectively stole Michael's life from him? Anyway, being the Savior comes with a special blue flame power, The Flame of the Savior. I'll be honest, I don't know what's special about the blue flame. It seems like you can use it to crush organs. Whatever it is, Max mastered it rather easily considering he needed someone to hold his hand a few weeks back to lift a truck. I guess he's an example of Oasian Exceptionalism.

After Max encountered Tesca in her Cam suit, he didn't tell his live-in love, Liz, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Liz and Cam recognized his lame halftruths, but Liz didn't call him on it because she trusts her man. Plus, she had to cure Cam in the time it takes most doctors and scientists to drink their morning coffee. We couldn't have let it take a day or two? Cam could have told her FBI friends that she was trying something new with her eyes, or better yet, to mind their own business about what she does with her body.

Even Michael, a man working though his own trust issues, told Max he should share with Liz. It's here that we get our obligatory Alex mention. Thankfully, we have Cam who has always felt comfortable calling Max on his crap, but he didn't listen to her either. He never listens. I guess his growth arc is coming during Season 5.

Ignoring all the advice he'd been given, Max confronted Tesca on his own, raged out, and accidentally stabbed his girlfriend with a piece of flying shrapnel. I think Tesca won. Liz did what she always does, made excuses for Max's behavior, going so far as to share the blame with him. I suppose during her time with Maria she did express some bit of hesitation. Girl, do better.

Can I Call You Baby?
Guess what? Eduardo has a secret daughter, which means Kyle has a secret prima. By the way, Underwear Eduardo did not successfully escape from Bonnie and Clyde. Michael promised Bonnie he'd help her stay on Earth if she gave him Eduardo. Is anyone else thinking about how long Eduardo has been wearing the same underwear? It can't just be me.

Kyle is preparing to surgically remove his cousin from the pod when Isobel shows up. Why is it a surgerical procedue? We all know that he just has to melt down some silver, slather his arms with the liquid metal, and slide her right on out of there. Although, I doubt that's what Tesca did, so there is clearly another way.

So it turns out, the Valenti family, in Careyes, have been protecting the alien secret since 1947. Kyle's cousin reveals a rift with her father and a secret compartment, but Tesca has already taken whatever goodies it was hiding. From the description, it sounds like the baby console Clyde showed Michael.

Later, Kyle and Isobel dance, confess, kiss, and possibly do what everyone has been waiting for them to do since Season 2. The chemistry between Lily Cowles and Michael Trevino was, as always, incredible, but I found the moment anticlimactic, which is a writing problem because of the rushed and messy way they dealt with the Isobel and Anatsa's relationship this season. And we know it won't be smooth sailing from this point forward, cue the complications.

And Then There's Michael
He didn't talk to Alex because Alex is still, unbeknowest to his friends and lover, missing. However, he did talk Bonnie into joining forces against Tesca. He also gave Clyde the final piece of the rock controller, which led to a snazzy light show, showing both Earth and then Oasis. Oh, he also lost his powers. If you've seen the preview, you know how that happened. Feel free to specualate why it happened.

I feel like I'm forgetting something. I talked about Jedi Master Tesca teaching Max stuff, Max being an ass, Liz being Max's enabler, Michael losing his powers, Maria and Dallas' discovering interesting connections, Alex being missing, Cam having bodily autonomy, Isobel and Kyle getting it on all sexy like, Eduardo wearing the same underwear for possibly a month, Bonnie and Clyde being Bonnie and Clyde. I think that's it.

Until next week.