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Scene Of The Month - May 2022 + POLL

5 Jun 2022

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A monthly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in the past month.

9-1-1: LONE STAR, "A Bright and Cloudless Morning", May 16, 2022, Actors: Ronen Rubinstein, Rafael L. Silva, The Scene: TK and Carlos get engaged
This scene was SO Tarlos! First TK wakes his man up and given their history, Carlos is rightfully startled. But this time there is no fire or any of the other scary things they have faced, it was TK asking him to get married. Also, Carlos calling him Tyler just made me smile. They deserve a bright and sweet ending to the season and I’m overjoyed they got that.

A MILLION LITTLE THINGS, "Just in Case", May 18, 2022, Actor: James Roday Rodriguez
The Scene: The ending
I did not expect them to do this and I just don't think I can take Gary dying so I really hope he gets through this, that simple line was like a gut punch and the whole montage of them starting the process only made it hurt more.

BARRY, "ben mendelsohn", May 8, 2022, Actors: Bill Hader, Henry Winkler and more
The Scene: Gene goes off on camera
Gene has been trying to play nice in order to not agitate Barry for the whole of the episode. But when the cameras finally roll (on what been his first on screen gig in years no less) he breaks and goes off script and punches Barry asking him to leave him alone and stop with the intimidation. Henry Winkler plays the switch in Gene to absolute perfection, while Bill Hader's shocked silence adds to the brilliance of the moment.

BOSCH: LEGACY, "Chain of Authenticity", May 13, 2022, Actors: Mimi Rogers, Michael Rose, The Scene: Chandler witnesses the demise of Carl Rogers
Laura B:
I'm really enjoying Bosch: Legacy! It contains so much of what made Bosch great, but it also is a bit edgier, more serialized, and just put together better. I chose this scene, because of both the ongoing plot with Honey still wrestling with Carl Rogers, who in Bosch season 7 hired a hitmann to kill her, but even more so, to put this character in more sleuthy role and continuous peril just makes the story so much richer, while going deeper with overall character development!

CHARMED, "Hashing it Out", May 20, 2022, Actors: Melonie Diaz, Sarah Jeffery, Lucy Barrett
The Scene: Kaela breaks down after Dev's death
Season 4 is a breath of fresh air compared to previous seasons and each episode has a memorable moment for sure. Kaela's grief about losing Dev hit harder than anyone expected. The range of emotions in Lucy Barrett‘s performance was simply breathtaking.

CHICAGO FIRE, "The Magnificent City of Chicago", May 25, 2022, Actors: Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney and more, The Scene: Casey saves the wedding
Matthew Casey shows up and does the most Matthew Casey thing ever, he saves the Stellaride wedding by convincing a boat captain to have the wedding on his boat. It was bittersweet because those Casey moments are what I miss since Jesse Spencer left the show, but it’s what makes Casey so beloved.

DERRY GIRLS, "The Agreement", May 18, 2022, Actors: Saoirse-Monica Jackson and more
The Scene: The voting montage
While never in the forefront The Troubles have always been a huge part of the show, and what better way for Derry Girls to bow out than to give homage to the Good Friday agreement, as we watch every one of our beloved character cast their vote for the future, to the soundtrack of Erin's last words of hope and of course the Cranberries.

GREY'S ANATOMY, "You Are the Blood", May 26, 2022, Actors: Ellen Pompeo, Sarah Drew, Jesse Williams and more, The Scenes: The montage to the song & Jackson and April kiss

Marko: The Song is one of the most memorable songs from Grey's 17 year old run. Using the song to amplify the emotions, surrounding Jamal's birth and Annie's death. Mer's fight and all the flashbacks. The show once again accelerated by giving and taking hope. And even after 400 episodes Grey's just knows how to deliver an emotional punch you need hours to recover from.
Luana: Japril kiss - I'm cheesy, I know, but I just love and miss them so much, this finale left a lot of open questions and I truly hope something great can rise from the ashes, but for now the jury is still out, and seeing Japril was definitely one of the highlights for me.

HACKS, "Retired", May 26, 2022, Actor: Jean Smart
The Scene: Deborah is upstaged at a State Fair
As if you needed further proof of just how brilliant Jean Smart is at playing Deborah Vance just watch her performance as a desperate Deborah tries out new material on the audience at a middle America State Fair and is upstaged by the live birth of a calf on a full-sized screen behind her.

HALO, "Allegiance" & "Transcendence", May 12 & 19, 2022, Actors: Pablo Schreiber, Jen Taylor and more, The Scenes: John's sacrifice & Cortana chooses John over Halsey
 The relationship between John and Cortana might just be my favorite part of the series so far. I was so glad to see Cortana actively going against her objective and choosing John over Halsey. But the scene I wanted to highlight in the article comes near the end of the season, when all hope seems lost and the Spartans are fighting for their lives, while trying to stop the Covenant. When it becomes clear that it's impossible for John to both save his team and retrieve the keystones without activating them, he chooses to sacrifice his life instead, giving Cortana opportunity to fully take over his body and accomplish both tasks. She tries to convince him not to, worried that she might not be able to bring him back later and his mind may be lost forever but he says that he trusts her and takes the fatal hit. Cortana takes over and completes the mission. The action is wonderfully done (as always) and I do love the trust between the two that has been formed. But I certainly can't wait for John's return. He better come back soon, he's my favorite character on the series. Kudos to Pablo Schreiber and the rest of the cast & crew for all their work on the show so far.
Folie-lex: It had been pretty clear that Cortana's loyalty to Halsey was fading the more time she spent with Master Chief. However to see her fully turn on her creator and actively pick John and humanity over the objective of her existence was beautiful.

HEARTSTOPPER, "Boyfriend", April 22, 2022, Actors: Kit Connor, Joe Locke
The Scene: Nick and Charlie at the beach
This whole show was amazing and made me grin throughout, and maybe cry a little, but one of the most heartwarming scenes was definitely with these two lovebirds on the beach finally being open with each other, I just can't get enough of this show and these characters, and the performances are spectacular as well.

MADE FOR LOVE, "Under Open Sky", May 19, 2022, Actors: Cristin Milioti, Ray Romano
The Scene: Hazel's father dies
I know this might not be permanent but this moment absolutely broke my heart, I did not expect it to go that way, the very thought of Hazel being robbed of that moment, of him altogether, it was absolutely brutal and both Cristin Milioti and Ray Romano killed it.

MOON KNIGHT, "Gods and Monsters", May 4, 2022, Actor: Oscar Isaac, The Scene: Marc comes back for Steven
The relationship between Marc and Steven, and Oscar Isaac's incredible performance are the biggest highlights of the series for me and the best reason why it's my favorite of Disney+ MCU shows so far. While there's a number of great things about "Moon Knight" and its finale, I knew this was going to be my pick for the article the second I saw this scene. After opening up about his past and his pain, Marc is finally at peace at the start of the hour. He can rest for all eternity but chooses to give it all up because he refuses to abandon Steven. Steven was his strength when he was a kid, he saved his life and kept him going during the worst of times. He's a part of him, one worth fighting for, so he returns to the Duat to rescue Grant. Steven appears to be frozen in sand but Marc reaches out for his hand and admits how he truly feels. “You are the only real superpower I ever had.” And just as Marc freezes alongside Steven, the Gates of Osiris open and the two men wake up and escape the afterlife to awaken in their body. Beautifully acted and written scene. Kudos to cast & crew of the show for all their excellent work.

OBI-WAN KENOBI, "Part II", May 27, 2022, Actors: Ewan McGregor, Vivien Lyra Blair, The Scene: Obi-Wan breaks Leia's fall
Laura B:
Obi-Wan breaks Leia's fall and uses the Force! I have really enjoyed this mini-series so far. While the first episode was a bit more meditative, this episode picks up the pace, as young Princess Leia proves to be a bit of a handful and where Daiyu sequences are reminiscent to bringing more episodic mission-based elements from the cartoons to life in live action! I chose this scene, however, because of how broken and scared Obi-Wan has been -- so out of touch with the Force, but here being awoken by the forgotten promise of the past, does young Leia begin to revive him and give him a new sense of hope! His abilities may have called attention to him, but he was probably going to need those abilities back anyways!

OUTER RANGE, "The West", May 6, 2022, Actors: Josh Brolin, Imogen Poots
The Scene: Royal discovers Autumn's scar
Royal checks on Autumn after the buffalo trampled her and discovers that she has a scar on her head in the same place where Amy was hit with the glass shard, revealing that she is actually Amy. Also picked by Laura B

STAR TREK: PICARD, "Farewell", May 5, 2022, Actors: Jeri Ryan and more
The Scene: Seven of Nine takes her place in the captain's chair
One of the most memorable moments of the otherwise disappointing Star Trek: Picard's second season, was watching Jeri Ryan's Seven of Nine, receive her long denied field promotion into the Federation and take her place in the captain's chair of the Stargazer in the show's second season finale.

STATION 19, "Death and the Maiden", May 5, 2022, Actors: Jaina Lee Ortiz and more
The Scene: Andy deals with the aftermath of the attack
Andy dealing with the aftermath of the attack and her's attacker death was really well balanced with Marina’s pregnancy storyline (however convoluted it is with Jack still in the picture). Jaina Lee Ortiz is a FORCE and has great emotional range which was on display in this and the previous episode 5x15.

STRANGER THINGS, "Chapter Four: Dear Billy", May 27, 2022, Actors: Sadie Sink, Jamie Campbell Bower and more, The Scene: Max fights for her life
What an excellent season so far! When it comes to the first four episodes of S4 there was one clear choice for the best scene to include in the article. Despite many memorable moments and performances, it's Max's fight for her life that steals the show for me. Definitely one of the biggest highlights of the series till now. From the moment it becomes clear that Max is Vecna's next target we are on an emotional rollercoaster. While her friends do everything in their power to figure out a way to save her life, Max tries to come to terms with her own impending death. She writes a goodbye letter for each member of her family and friends group, including Billy. She can't bring herself to actually open up to anyone but tries to remain as calm and logical as she can be, considering the circumstances. Running out of time, she decides to visit Billy's grave, in the hope that he can hear her, she gets to apologize, admit her regret and say goodbye. That's when Vecna comes for her, first showing up as Billy, trying to break her down and then showing his true self. Max does her best to run away from him, desperately trying to reach her friends without success just as Steve, Lucas and Dustin try to wake her from a possessed state. Thanks to Nancy and Robin, they manage to give her a chance with her favorite song - "Running up the Hill" by Kate Bush. But the song isn't enough, it's Max who has to physically and mentally find her way out of the nightmare and Vecna's curse. After a series of heartwarming flashbacks set to this wonderful music, she chooses to fight back. Against all odds Max runs away from Vecna and all his traps falling out of the sky to stop her. The visual of her escaping with everything falling apart in the background is mesmerizing. I was on the edge of my seat, actively rooting for Max to run, genuinely worried that she might not make it and so incredibly relieved when she eventually succeeds. Sadie Sink was truly the star of the episode and one of the biggest highlights of the season. I don't think I've realized just how much I've grown to care about Max until this hour. So glad that she made it. Kudos to cast & crew for all their amazing work!
Folie-lex: Max escapes Vecna with Kate Bush's help. The eerie tune of Kate Bush's "Running up the Hill" scoring Max's escape from Vecna was truly brilliant. Even more so because it truly helped by underlining Sadie Sink's amazing performance.

THE FLASH, "The Curious Case of Bartholomew Allen", May 25, 2022, Actors: Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, The Scene: Barry confronts Caitlin

Marko: It was such a powerful moment. Barry confronting Caitlin in all her delusions and desperation elevated the pretty low key episode to new levels. The visual effect of Barry destroying Caitlin's research with the facial expressions of Danielle and Grant made this episode worth it.
DJRiter: Am including this scene, not for how good but for how disturbing it was to me. After finding Caitlin in her apartment and not off with her mother, Barry acts callously and, in my opinion, very out of character by destroying Caitlin’s make-shift lab to prevent Caitlin from continuing her plans to resurrect Frost. For the man who is constantly breaking the timeline and creating chaos his thoughts and actions were extremely unfeeling and thoughtless towards the grieving Caitlin.

THE FLIGHT ATTENDANT, "Brothers & Sisters", May 12, 2022, Actors: Kaley Cuoco, Sharon Stone, The Scene: Cassie and her mom talk in the kitchen
Cassie’s trip home after her relapse marked the best episode in season 2. Kaley’s portrayal of her is spot on and it was really great seeing her and T.R. Knight because they’ve got great sibling chemistry. The kitchen scene with her mom was a stark reminder to everything Cassie’s already been through but also what she’s unconsciously put people through too. I want Kaley to get ALL the awards.

THE ROOKIE, "Day In The Hole", May 15, 2022, Actors: Melissa O'Neil, Eric Winter, The Scene: Tim and Lucy kiss

Folie-lex: After four seasons of tension building, Tim and Lucy finally share their first kiss, admittedly under the most tropey and fanficy context. And yet it still works because Melissa O'Neil and Eric Winter never lose sight of who these characters are and what has been building between them for years. It was a well earned pay off of the chemistry the audience has spotted since day one of this show.
Beth: This moment was a long time coming, and the way it happened was SO Tim and Lucy. I am sure we are going to have a lot more angst to get to where Chenford fans want, but this moment and the look Tim had after was perfection.

THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE, "Episode Two", May 22, 2022, Actors: Theo James, Jason David, Kate Siegel and more, The Scenes: Young Henry confronts his mom & 16-year-old Henry gets caught by his dad

Marko: Young Henry confronts his mom. I swiftly fall in love with this show. The characters are so well cast and the chemistry is really blowing up. Seeing a young Henry struggling with his abilities and trying to save his mother was painful to watch as it is, but adding a broken older Theo James lip syncing the speech he tries to give his mother just made me tear up. The scene is so fluid as the actors work their way through it but time just prevents changes and the show lets us know that time can't be changed, it was always supposed to unfold like this. Time is a circle you can‘t escape.
Lisa: Henry is 16. While this is right out of the novel (so I'm told), Henry at 16 having sex with Henry at 16 generated a lot of discussion online. Of course it's what every 16 year old boy who could time travel would do! Of course his dad walks in... but Clare losing it and continuing to tease him about turning gay for himself was also hilarious.

THE WILDS, "Day 50 / 33", May 6, 2022, Actors: Erana James and more, The Scene: Toni’s outburst
While this season wasn’t as strong as the first, I do think the last three episodes more than made up for it. I loved Toni’s outburst scene after seeing her best friend Martha catatonic. It was something that the show did a great job of, leading viewers to these two seasons with Martha and love of animals turning into the girl island’s season 1 Dot in a way. The moment Leah goes to console Toni to then blowing the dandelion in her face was pure comedy. She proceeds to round on all the other girls except Shelby (though she sort of gets it after). Erana James is standout in the show and this scene is a definite rewatch.

THIS IS US, "The Train" & "Us", May 17 & 24, 2022, Actors: Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Chrissy Metz and more, The Scenes: Kate arrives in time to say goodbye & The ending

Marko: Kate arrives in time to say goodbye. The episode itself was an emotional rollercoaster and it perfectly peaked at the end with Kate‘s arrival. The whole 6 season path paid off with this episode and there aren’t proper words to describe how much I‘ve cried during this whole episode. A beautiful goodbye to Rebecca and the show.
Luana: This Is Us has gained a spot in my heart as one of my favorite shows ever, and I couldn't imagine a better way to wrap it up, it was heartwarming and heartbreaking as always, but it also dawned on me that it was the best thing they could highlight, all the life and love Jack and Rebecca managed to bring into the world despite not coming from the most loving families, and though Rebecca got a lot more time with them, Jack's presence was always felt.