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Hightown - Season 3 - Garret Dillahunt, Jeanine Serralles, Michael Drayer & More To Recur

15 Jun 2022

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Garret Dillahunt (Army of the Dead), Jeanine Serralles (Utopia), Kaya Rosenthal (The Time Traveler’s Wife), Michael Drayer (Mr. Robot), newcomer Ellie Barone and Taja V. Simpson (The Oval) have signed on for recurring roles in the third season of Starz’s crime drama, Hightown.

Dillahunt will play Shane Frawley, a charismatic and charming gangster from South Boston. He owns a slew of legitimate businesses across Massachusetts, but his plans to take the Cape by storm are far from legit. As the new man on the scene, he will be a massive thorn in drug trafficker Osito’s (Estimond) side.

Serralles has been cast as Rachel, a lonely woman who lives with her grandmother, who has found comfort in writing letters to prisoners…which sends her down a dangerous path.

Rosenthal has been tapped for the role of Sarah, a rookie cop, who has been assigned to Ray’s unit on an undercover assignment. She’s got great instincts and is a thoroughly modern millennial who puts Ray in his place.

Drayer plays Owen Frawley, nephew of Dillahunt’s Shane, who was kicked off the Red Sox farm team for blatant steroid abuse and casual violence. He is a vicious, funny, reckless drug dealer and all-around loose cannon. His bad behavior is enabled by his uncle Shane.

Barone plays Veronica, a tough working girl who’s mysteriously gone missing and quickly becomes Jackie’s latest obsession.

Simpson will portray Janelle, a no-nonsense physical therapist at the Provincetown prison, who can handle everything the prisoners throw her way. After years of keeping her guard up, she has fallen in love with the prisoner, Osito. Despite being blissfully happy, life has taught her that nothing this good can last.