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May the 4th be with you - Amazing Boba Fett Chair from noblechairs announced

4 May 2022

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You see streamers in cool gaming chairs sitting for hours playing games and they always seem so comfy, but no one ever thinks about chairs for people (like me) who sit and watch TV shows and movies in front of my PC.  I already own a noblechair (and love it) but I've always wanted one that is designed to meet my tastes, and something I can talk about here on SpoilerTV. 

Well, my prayers have been answered again, last time our friends over at noblechairs released some Marvel-based chairs (Iron Man and Spider-Man), this time they are moving over to the Star Wars universe and celebrating May the 4th with a Boba Fett inspired chair.!

Featuring a green and black base with burgundy and gold highlights in the style of Boba Fett’s famous Beskar armour, with an embroidered noblechairs logo in the headrest. Completing its design, Boba Fett’s helmet can be found stitched on to the back of the chair. So, pull on your Beskar and sit in a throne fit for the Daimyo of Mos Espa!

With adjustable lumbar, 4D armrests, a rocking mechanism, adjustable height, and recline
features, the noblechairs Boba Fett Edition is ergonomically comfortable and perfect for
budding bounty hunters everywhere.

Winning over 250 product awards, noblechairs is the proud bearer of a long and stellar line
of positive feedback from its many wonderful customers. As a company dedicated to
providing a premium range of comfortable gaming chairs, all with durability and ergonomics in mind, noblechairs is a German brand that takes pride in being seen as one of the best on
the market.

noblechairs will no doubt continue to come up with new and exciting Star Wars inspired
designs, be sure to watch this space for more fantastic products heading your way.

Being a huge Star Wars and Mandalorian fan, I can't wait to see what designs they come up with and tempting me to buy! 

The noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair – Boba Fett Edition will be available from today at the
price of £424.99 / 489,90€ for pre-order. Please visit the noblechairs website for more