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The Hardy Boys - Season 2 - Promo + Promotional Photos

Promotional Photos
HB2_BK1_EP201_D12_BP_0231RT.th.jpg HB2_BK1_EP202_D13_BP_0346RT.th.jpg HB2_BK1_EP202_D2_BP_0041RT.th.jpg HB2_BK2_Ep203_D5_IW_0295RT.th.jpg HB2_BK2_Ep203_D5_IW_0187RT.th.jpg HB2_BK3_EP206_D13_BP_0065RT.th.jpg HB2_BK3_EP206_D13_BP_0012RT.th.jpg HB2_BK4_EP207_D13_BP_0200RT.th.jpg HB2_BK4_Ep208_D4_IW_0262RT.th.jpg HB2_BK4_EP208_D7_BP_0105RT.th.jpg HB2_BK4_Ep207_D4_IW_0017RT.th.jpg HB2_BLK4_D1_Ep201_IW_0001RT.th.jpg

The second season picks up six months after the events of Season 1, building on the mystery and drama of the inaugural season and welcoming new friends and suspects. In Season 2, when a Bridgeport classmate mysteriously disappears, Frank (Rohan Campbell) and Joe Hardy (Alexander Elliot) drop their new normal routine to get back to detective work. But when they discover the mystical relic they destroyed last year is still in play, it becomes clear their simple missing person case is actually part of something far more sinister. The Hardy boys and their friends must quickly learn who they can and can’t trust as they race against time to unravel the truth, and ultimately realize that no one is safe from their past. The Hardy Boys Season 2 premieres Wednesday, April 6, only on Hulu.