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Riverdale - Season 6 So Far - A Spooky Season

10 Dec 2021

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Season six is a whole new chapter for Riverdale - at least for now. Things have changed really fast in an apocalyptic way: the town looks the same but there is something wicked on the way. 

In the first episode, "Welcome to Riverdale", Cheryl’s activities at Thornhill are now public and Archie tries to talk to her. In the meanwhile, Cheryl also helps Toni and Fangs to cure baby Anthony’s colic, and Veronica and Reggie search for their rhythm in their new relationship. The couples are all happy: Jughead and Tabitha move in together and Archie and Betty want to have kids. Cheryl invites everyone to a maple festival, where Archie and Betty are crowned king and queen. Archie wins a pie and he eats it with Betty that night before having sex. In the middle of the night, Kevin calls Archie telling him that some people are trying to harm Betty. He runs there but he finds out that everyone is dressed and ready to make a human sacrifice. Before being affixed to a post, Archie finds out that Betty is pregnant. Cheryl carves out his heart and kills him. This was the crazy unconventional beginning of the season. 

Clearly, it was an unexpected beginning, but we already know that this will just be a phase: Archie will not leave the show, everything will likely go back to normal. Still, I enjoyed this change of tone - I was slightly interested again. In the following episodes, a new entity is in town, La Llorona (a name I had heard in a bad horror movie). 

In fact, in "Ghost Stories," Cheryl and Nana Rose are busy with that. As always, Betty is in charge of the investigation and she hunts down the entity with Toni. Her pregnancy ends, but she has a baby to take care of - Toni decides to protect her son from Darla and trades places with the entity. Veronica has problems with Reggie because he can not trust him, but they manage to talk it over. 

In "Mr. Cypher," even the devil wants to be in Riverdale. (I mean, now we can officially say that Riverdale had it all - even the devil!). The devil aka Mr. Cypher visits Veronica's casino. She offers him the soul of Nick St. Clair after learning that Reggie promised Mr. Cypher her soul. What a random plot twist! However, after claiming Nick St. Clair's soul, Mr. Cypher is still unsatisfied and asks Veronica to give him Alice's soul. Veronica almost accepts the deal, but she still thinks of selling Reggie's soul, which proves successful after he double-crosses her. The episode ends with Betty - she is busy with the Trash Bag Killer, who has been caught. She meets Glen and believes that Mr. Cypher has been communicating with her in disguise. He forces her to see her family's darkness and she is able to communicate with Polly and Hal in hell. Betty then goes crazy and stabs the Trash Bag Killer to death, realizing that Glen is behind the mask and that she is now under Mr. Cypher's influence. 

The episode ends with Betty who hides Glen's body beneath the Cooper house. And that's everything we got in this wild spooky ride of Riverdale. To be honest, I'd prefer a supernatural version of the show to the regular one, it feels more unpredictable and interesting. And then Sabrina shows up! 

 And you? What did you think of "Welcome to Riverdale", "Ghost Stories", and "Trash Bag Killer"?