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Y: The Last Man - Victoria - Review: "The Real You Is A Shadow And It Is Always There"

15 Nov 2021

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Chaos and isolation were two big themes in the last two episodes of Y: The Last Man and the season (series?) finale combined a little bit of both. It is kind of bittersweet to write the potential end of a very promising and interesting show; the cast, the writers and the crew did an amazing job at portraying these characters and their struggle to restore some kind of order in the world. Every character has brought something very meaningful to the series and I really hope they get to continue this journey somewhere else, where they can explore more of the story.
The episode opens with a moment from before the Event and we get a glimpse of what kind of family the Browns are; we also get a little insight into the person that Hero is, why the relationship with her mother is so complicated and her relationship with Yorick too; he's always been the good son, the one that never made a mistake and that is hard for Hero to digest. She also tells everybody that she is dating a married man and how hypocritical of his family to be so shocked when her father is cheating on Jennifer with someone from work. Yep, that was pretty awkward, but I loved how the moment played out in the episode, because at the same time, we got to see Hero being a protective sister when she sees that her brother is still alive and she kills one of the Amazons in order to save him and let him run away.
Not surprinsingly, Nora turns out to be a sort of antagonist to the whole story, not just because she kills Roxanne, but because she reveals her true self to the other Amazons, by also revealing that her real name is Victoria. I did not expect this plot twist, but it makes sense, because in a way, Nora abandons what she was at the White House and transforms herself into a new woman, possibly a leader.
Jennifer and Beth are on the loose, but I felt like Beth didn't really know what to do. The same night, Sam shows up at the house they two of them are hiding, but they get caught by the Culper Ring, which also provided 355, Yorick and Dr. Mann with a car and a map to, I guess, join them and potentially reunite Yorick with his mother, girlfriend and his sister's best friend?
I really do hope that the show can continue, because the ending feels pretty open to new possibilities, which look fascinating and interesting. And let's not forget that we need to find out why Yorick survived. Do you think the show will eventually find a new home and what are your hopes for possible upcoming seasons? Let me know in the comments below! Thank you so much for watching and reading. Here's hoping to being able to talk about it again soon. Y:The Last Man is now streaming on Disney+ in the UK