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The Morning Show - Testimony & Fever - Double Review

19 Nov 2021

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Well. We’ve made it to the end of The Morning Show season two. Part of me is a little sad I won’t get to hate-watch on a weekly basis anymore, but it’s better for everyone that the season is over. 

So, let’s get into why The Morning Show had one of the biggest drop-offs in season two I’ve ever seen on TV. 

“Testimony” and “Fever” are somehow polar opposite episodes, with the former being a journey of grief, and the latter being a step into a new world. 

They’re… fine episodes, I suppose. Parts of them were too predictable, like Fred taping Alex, or Alex having COVID, while other things took me by surprise. 

Cory admits that he loves Bradley, for one. I never expected that to be a real thing, or to be something that actually came to fruition, but holy hell, y’all. 

Cory is in love with Bradley. 

Bradley and Alex finally, finally, have an emotional, worthwhile conversation that makes them realize they’d like to be friends, maybe best friends, and wow, it took ten whole episodes to get here. Exhausting, truly. 

It’s about nine too late, but, we’ll take what we can get. 

Bradley remains the best character on this show, both in personality, and genuine selflessness. 

She doesn’t care about who’s "canceled" and who’s not. She doesn’t care even, now, what it will look like if she sits down and reads a book about Alex, and then gets up to defend her. 

Bradley wants to do the best thing for everyone in her life, at all times. Making sure her brother is safe and secure, being Alex’s friend, listening to Cory when he needs an ear. 

Bradley is consistently trying to be better for other people and to other people. 

Alex has people going to bat for her so hard that Chip lies about having COVID so he can go and stay with her. 

And still, almost the whole time, on this awful, cringy, at-home show about Alex having COVID, she talks about herself. 

She discusses being canceled, what that entails, why she, now with COVID, doesn’t care if she’s canceled! Treat others the way you want to be treated and all that! 

Okay. Sure, Alex. 

I’m not sure if the writers realize that by having Alex step up and do this, though she’s putting herself directly into the spotlight which is exactly what she didn’t want, she’s learned nothing. 

Maybe she’s going to be nicer to Chip. Maybe she’ll talk more to Bradley. Be more forgiving and less scared of people like Laura Peterson. 

But we thought that last year, too. Then Alex spent the entire season discussing, and defending a rapist. Because she like-liked him. 

Frankly, I’m glad this season is over. Maybe if there is a third, the writers can take a long, hard look into the fact that cancel culture is never anyone’s true downfall. 

However, sexual assault survivors are 10x more likely to attempt suicide than those who haven’t experienced sexual assault. 

We get to see Claire again and are reminded that she is the only person on this show right now with a real, working brain.

“He raped Hannah, and you’re memorializing him? [...] I’m glad he’s dead!” 

She’s so right for that one. 

But additionally, the fact that that was the first time we’ve seen Claire all season, even though she’s entirely in the fight for Hannah? 

The Morning Show doesn’t care about victims or survivors. 

Funny how none of those women were discussed this season. 

Farewell, The Morning Show, Season two. You will not be missed. 

Extra! Extra! 
  • I don’t even want to discuss Paola’s documentary about Mitch because holy hell, it is depressing and stupid and worthless x infinity. 
  • Cory asking Bradley to interview Maggie: So, you’ll be impartial, right? Fair? Bradley: Margaret as soon as I step on this stage you are dead to me. 
  • That Godawful COVID handwashing song that Alex and Laura sing is something that cannot be wiped from my brain fast enough. Just absolutely tacky and terrible. 
  • The scene where Bradley finds Hal is so, so beautiful, but makes me nervous! Bradley was all over that ICU without a mask on. Please protect my girl. 
 What did you think of these episodes of The Morning Show? Did you enjoy season two? Are you nervous about Alex’s reactions to COVID thus far? Do you ship Bradley and Cory? Let me know in the comments below!