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The Morning Show - Confirmations - Review

5 Nov 2021

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The Morning Show Season 2 Episode 8, “Confirmations” spends the episode trying to figure out whether Mitch Kessler is dead or alive, and I’m left asking, “who cares?” 

The entire first season is built on the foundation of Mitch being a serial predator, someone we’re never rooting for, and now we must grieve for his illustrious career

Now, only after we’ve seen Mitch not actually apologize, not actually recognize what he’s done wrong, does he become a martyr. 

Understandably so, Mia and Alex are quite affected by this. They’re two people who, in the studio, had a relationship with Mitch that was outside of the studio. Whether it was intentional or even genuine is up for debate. 

While this episode is not the worst of the season (hello, “La Amara Vita”), it’s still pretty out there.

Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston save this episode — with help from Mark Duplass and Karen Pittman, as they give their best performances of the season thus far. 

Karen Pittman’s Mia, who we’ve seen step up to the plate and try to fix this show, has finally broken. 

Mia is someone we know is tough, but even the strongest people sometimes face the hardest downfall because they haven’t let out anything they should have before. 

Mia is heartbroken. Because she hasn’t yet forgiven what Mitch has done. She hasn’t even really figured out for herself what she went through. 

Then there’s Alex. Alex’s conversation in the car with Chip is one of her best scenes, from either season. She’s letting out what she needs to but still slightly holding back. She’s letting Chip see what she thinks they both need, while still being unable to fully process what’s happened.

Bradley deals with her brother in the very best way she knows how, and it’s terribly sad and unfortunate all around. Then, though, Laura comforts her. Well… I don’t know if I would really say comforts. 

This is upsetting. 

Laura and Bradley have been together for a very short while, and after seeing Bradley go through this life-altering situation because it is truly a terrible situation, Laura comforts her. 

Even though we’ve spent the last entire season drawing Bradley and Alex closer. Laura is “supporting” her. I say “supporting” because she’s really asking her to leave her brother. 

To leave him fully, cut ties, be done with it. Laura suggesting this makes sense because that’s what Laura would do. But it’s not what Bradley would do. 

Even if she thinks she should. Even if everyone thinks she should. 

Overall, other than Mark Duplass pulling it out exactly where and when it’s needed, this episode is pretty lackluster. Just like the entire season has been so far. 

What did you think of “Confirmations”? Are you upset about Mitch dying? Do you think he can be forgiven by the public? Let me know in the comments below!