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Y: The Last Man - Ready. Aim. Fire. - Review: "We Celebrate The Absence Of Fear"

24 Oct 2021

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Isolation and despair are the main feelings I took away from the latest episode of Y: The Last Man. It was also disappointnment, because I later found out that the show would not be returning for a second season and it would probably be shopped elsewhere. I am hoping it will find a new home, because this show has been through too much and it needs to continue, for its clever writing and insightful storytelling. Plus, we are talking about a product mostly female-driven, with a lot of women in front and behind the camera and in every department. Let's try and celebrate that and give shows like this more chances and more visibility, because shows like this one matter.
As I mentioned in the beginning, I felt mostly isolated watching this episode and I think that was the purpose; we go back in time, we find out more about Roxanne, why she became the person that she is and how she became this sort of group leader for so many women. She used to work at PriceMax and she would complain about misconducts about her male collegues, with no real consequences being put into action. Yes, she killed a lot of women and kind of set me off in a way that I wasn't expecting. Why is she doing it? Is she really jealous of these young women and does she want to protect them? Because they are listening to everything she says and they are willing to follow her wherever she leads them. Hero is now one of her followers, she has kind of abandoned Sam, who decides to leave because he's probably the only one who thinks that everything happening at PriceMax is a little too much.
I don't know if I should consider Hero the villain in this scenario, because at the beginning of the show, I thought she might be the key to a lot of discovery, for herself and the other characters, especially for her mother and brother. We get to see her talk briefly about how she felt when she was a kid, saying that her brother was basically her parents' favorite and that the way she behaved justified how her mother treated her. Roxanne points out that she doesn't have to feel that way just because her brother was considered "the good one" in the family. I enjoyed that moment of clarity for her, because I don't think we will get to see her like that in the upcoming episodes.
Let's talk about Nora now; she realizes that Roxanne wants to kick her and her daughter out. Of course she knows that they will never survive out there alone, so she does what she does best: she spins the situation at her own favor. She finds the car and Roxanne's ID, but instead of using it against her, she decides to align with her ideology, while literally burning PriceMax down. We should keep an eye on Nora, whether she's doing it to survive and give her daughter some sort of stability or not.
What did you guys think about the episode and what are your thoughts about the characters? And what do you think about the abrupt cancellation of the show? Let me know in the comments below! Y:The Last Man is now streaming on Disney+ in the UK