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The Morning Show - Ghosts & A Private Person - Double Review

22 Oct 2021

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Season two of The Morning Show is finally picking up, except it’s not really getting any better. 

We’ve passed the middle of the season, and the only person with at least a small bit of knowledge of what they’re doing is Cory. Maybe saying the knowledge of how they’re feeling because Cory definitely knows what he’s doing, but he doesn’t want to think about it at all. 

Cory has always been my favorite character on The Morning Show. I know it’s a show about female empowerment and whatnot (and is it, really, with how much time they’re giving Mitch?) but Cory has had the charm and the quirkiness since day one. 

This, though. 

This is a heavy thing for Cory to hold, and a huge thing to look past in my love for him. Outing someone isn’t a joke. Outing someone isn’t something you do for giggles. Especially when it’s someone you love. 

If nothing else, Cory loves Bradley. Whether as friends or more, Cory has feelings for Bradley that extend past being her boss. 

So this is... crappy. It's awful. And when she finds out... yeesh. 

There's a similar situation when it comes to Alex and Laura, where apparently, Alex outed Laura and made her life a living hell. I know we're supposed to take Laura's word for it but I just don't trust her. 

I really don't. Not that I trust Alex either, because good lord she is losing it quickly, but I do trust Alex more than I trust Laura. 

At this point, I can only hope that Laura is really here for Bradley, and not for something sinister because Bradley really likes her

As we know, in my pipe dream, Bradley and Cory are together and happy and Bradley is still bisexual (or whatever she chooses to label herself) and they're happy and vibing. 

In reality, I'd be surprised if Bradley spoke to Cory ever again once she finds out he did this. Yes, it was for Hannah, but still. It's truly heartbreaking that it even had to come to this, considering how flippant Hannah's father is with this entire situation. 

Bradley is on the edge of a very, very tall cliff and she's starting to worry me. She's been going through a lot for a fairly short amount of time, and I'm afraid she's going to break sooner or later. I just don't know how. 

As for Alex... get the girl an Advil and a joint. 

Her back has basically given out, which goes hand in hand with her finally cracking mentally, and she just needs to figure it all out. She shouldn't have come back, that's for sure, as it's at this point causing her physical and mental pain. 

The Morning Show wouldn't be what it is without Alex Levy, but she needs some intense therapy about more than what's happened in her childhood. 

Laura accepting Alex's place on TMS feels underhanded, even though it was Chip's idea. While, yes, she has a history and experience and blah blah blah, a small bit of her is definitely saying "look what I'm doing Alex! What you can't right now." 

Regarding Bradley being outed, Laura is... hm. I don't want to baby Bradley either, she's a grown woman, but she was just outed and her conservative, southern family knows and isn't pleased. Her brother is using again. 

She doesn't even have a label for herself yet, not that she has to, but give the woman a break, Laura. Jeez. 

Hopefully, Alex comes back soon. I miss her desperately and I hate Laura in her place. 

I'm as sick of talking about Mitch almost as much as I'm sick of seeing his face, so I simply won't talk about him. Cancel culture isn't real. A man realizing he assaulted someone isn't deserving of a redemption arc, it's deserving of a trip or 100 to therapy. 

What did you think of "Ghosts" and "A Private Person"? Are you rooting for Bradley and Laura? What do you think Alex is up to? Do you also hover over the ‘fast forward’ button during Mitch scenes? Let me know in the comments below!