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Roswell, New Mexico — Angels of the Silences — Review

6 Oct 2021

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I spent the last two weeks dying and avoiding spoilers for episode 10. A course of steroids, antibiotics, and sleeping 17 hours a day has left me without any bacteria in my stomach and restless as hell, but I finally watched what I think was the best episode of season 3.

Sure, I missed Rosa, but not including her was good storytelling. She simply wasn’t needed to make this episode sing. It’s good to know that the writers of Roswell do actually understand the faux pas of forcing unnecessary characters and storylines into episodes. May all future episodes be as meticulously plotted, paced, and performed.
On to the shortish and sweetish because I have to watch episode 11 in a few hours.

Stand By Me

Bravo to the casting director because these kids are not only adorable but completely believable as little Dallas and Heath.

The flashback was too cute but also heartbreaking once you realize that every 47 days since Dallas emerged from his pod alone and frightened, he’s had to deal with this alien message trying to breach his brain. Turns out, in this case, at least, that resistance isn’t futile.

And I owe Heath an apology. I still think he’s a doofus, but at least he isn’t shady. Not to mention, he’s a great friend. Season 3 has made incredible growth when it comes to portraying friendship. Forever forward.

Like a Thief in the Night
I couldn’t tell you when it happened or why or how, but Max has grown on me. Damn you, Nathan Dean. For now . . .

There’s something about a helpless, bumbling, stumbling, non-toxic, dying, quiet talking Max that I’ve come to enjoy. He’s not screaming in people’s faces or smashing things as much. I like this for him.

When the Eyebrow Talks

Tyler Blackburn’s eyebrows should be added to the cast list. Alex Manes’ eyebrow was offended at being denied more kisses. The action was so subtle, and I loved it. His eyebrow literally said, “Oh really?! Look at us! You, Michael S. Guerin, would deny us, would deny him? I am without words. Look at him. I said, look at him! He’s clutching his shirt, looking soft, being eager and wanton.”

Just an FYI, we don’t know Michael’s middle name. He probably doesn’t have one, but I like the added sibilance.

She May Be a Racist, but She Isn’t Stupid.
I think she might be stupid.

How many seasons are going to feature Max Evans as a murder suspect? I think we need a new schtick.

Serious question. Does anyone care that the Sherrif was shot? If we’re going for emotional impact, there are better choices. If Jones killed this woman, I doubt the audience would gasp. It would have made more sense to leave her bleeding on the ground than taking her as a third hostage. Mainly because this means she’ll be in the next episode taking up space and breathing.

I get that she’s a pretty lady, but I am invested not at all in her well-being.

Preacher Man

Dallas is my favorite new thing. Yes, he’s a hot pastor/preacher/priest, which activates all sorts of struggles within me, but I also love his reactions. When some weird lady makes a giant Transformer face with spare parts and her mind, you are supposed to run. When that same lady fell hysterically backward during your sermon, you move even faster. It’s the right thing to do. Also, I love that the introduction of Theo and Dallas proves that The Oasis does have at least a little diversity.

I do have questions.

Why doesn’t Dallas know that Liz Ortecho broke Heath’s heart? Aren’t they besties?

Why didn’t Michael use his superpowers to actually break the catalytic converter? Even I, who at the height of the pandemic, forgot how to open my gas tank, after months of not driving, know the location of a catalytic converter. Don’t underestimate people/aliens, Michael.

Girl, What Are You Doing
Isobel really is just all about using her powers outside on the brightest and sunniest of days.

I need someone to catch her because this is stupid writing. Has she not heard of subtlety? Maybe Alex’s eyebrows could offer some tips.

Together and Apart

Alex and Michael’s fight in the lair was familiar and different. These two men haven’t changed; they’ve grown as individuals and as a couple. No one’s personality was neutered, but it also didn’t feel like Alex would walk away or that Michael was going to shut down. It didn’t feel like the writers were on the verge of finding a series of poorly constructed reasons to keep them apart for episodes and seasons and years. It was old, but it was also new.

The Whipping Post
Also known as Kyle. This man has been impaled, poisoned, forgotten, ignored, arrested, and now had his heart crushed. Seems like he needs Dallas to request some divine intervention on his behalf because someone has put a giant target on his back, front, and sides.

Even Dallas is confiding in him after less than 24-hours.

Dramatic Irony is the Best Irony

Jones’ telltale hand gives him away every time, but we like it that way. Dramatic irony automatically builds tension for the viewer. The audience knows Liz is about to kiss a monster. We’re invested in her safety, as well as his treachery. Granted, we also know she loves her man enough to recognize the touch and taste of his kiss, but Jones isn’t hiding. He loves the game.

I Want to Be Down, But . . .

Again, why make Anatsa Max’s one-night stand? What’s the show trying to prove with this? Do they view Anatsa as a disposable character, a roadblock on the way to an eventual Isobel and Kyle pairing? That would suck, not Isobel and Kyle, but using a queer relationship as a speed bump. This show already has a murky and troubled past with its treatment of those in the LGBTQIA+ community. And Anatsa being a queer woman of color just makes it worse. Don’t get me started.

Until The End of Time
I don’t know if Tyler Blackburn and Michael Vlamis had a chemistry read, but if they did, the person that saw what viewers see deserves a raise. If they didn’t, talk about stars aligning and the cosmic of it all. I feel like I’ve either run out of words to describe their chemistry, or the words are inadequate. It is simply exceptional. We all know there is Michal And Tyler, and then there is Michael and Alex, but what these two actors bring to the screen feels effortless. They never fail to make me feel like a voyeur like I should turn away and give them their privacy and stop gawking at their intimacy. They are so beautifully believable, which is why it’s lovely the show has decided to stop wasting all that goodness.

To the director, Lauren Petzke, the angle on those soft kisses was pure magic.

And those callbacks to their past to signal moving forward on newly solid ground felt like a promise, Chris Hollier, so don’t screw it up.

Dreams Come True
Do you know what I loved most about this episode? It was the cohesiveness. Everything flowed whether everyone was together or apart. They were working on two fronts to bring an end to Jones’ reign of terror. That’s how episodes should be—characters propelling the plot, characters moving to their season-ending form, and the final boss level bringing more complications even as the story speeds to an end.

This season has been a roller coaster ride for sure. There have been episodes I loved, episodes I liked, and episodes that made my stomach drop in the best and worst way possible. There have been episodes that left me feeling like the roller coaster had broken mid loop de loop with me hanging upside down, ready to take my chances with gravity, but there was never a moment when I felt like a derailment was nigh. Not once, and that’s a good thing.

In the words of Doctor Stephen Strange, “we’re in the end game now.” I hope it’s outstanding.
Other Stuff:

— I want a triad.

— Don’t make me start timing sexy times scenes to gather proof of heteronormative agendas. If I have to, I will.

— Was anyone else distracted by the snow falling in the background during Liz’s scene with Heath?

— So, this wasn’t that short.
— On to episode 11.

Was this your favorite episode of the season? Leave a comment below.