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SurrealEstate - For Sale By Owner - Preview

30 Jul 2021

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Episode three of SyFy's new series, SurrealEstate, shows that casting two actors from Schitt's Creek is not the only reunion happening this season. This week's special guest star is none other than Melanie Scrofano of Wynonna Earp fame. She played, well, Wynonna Earp to Tim Rozon's Doc Holiday. Having never watched that series, I had to look that up. Here, she is Harper North, one of the Roman Agency’s clients. Luke is investigating her lakeside cabin. I'd like to say more, but all spoilers are embargoed until airing, so you'll have to watch for yourself.  I can tell you all that Scrofano will return to this series to direct two upcoming episodes.
 Meanwhile, Sarah Levy's Susan gets a great B plot as she shows a difficult celebrity best-selling author client (whom I am willing to bet is probably based on someone real) a variety of haunted houses, hoping for a deal. Their adventure features one of the most amusing montages I've seen in years. I cannot type any more without spoiling something. 
 And, like the previous episodes, it ends on a dramatic highlight that I sadly cannot go into detail into. 
 This is easily the strongest episode out of the three so far. Hope they all can keep it up going forward.