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[OPINION] Young Royals: What I expect from its future

18 Jul 2021

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Disclaimer: Please note that the views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of SpoilerTV.

If you generally keep yourself informed of what’s new on Netflix, you probably heard of it.

If you’re into LGBTQ+ shows, you probably heard of it as well and got interested.

Now, if you pay attention to what’s trending when it comes to delightful, soft coming-of-age tales, you probably heard of it, got interested and watched the whole season in one day.

And if you did not, the time has come.

I’m talking about Young Royals, the newest Swedish sensation that captivated me so much I can’t wait to rewatch it. It’s been a while since the show came out, and I wanted to share some things I expect to happen in a potential second season.

But first, some context.

Released on July 1 on Netflix, this show tells the story of Prince Wilhelm as he adjusts to life at his prestigious new boarding school, Hillerska. Once there, he starts to struggle with his feelings after he meets Simon.

Does the premise above seem simple to you? If so, you're not wrong. A great sense of simplicity surrounds the story, and for me, this is one of its greatest strengths, this feeling that mind-blowing twists are not coming out of nowhere. Instead, a tenderness dominates the plot, which moves forward at its own pace, and most of it, even when not entirely realistic, is treated in a convincing, believable way.

Finally, the cast is wonderful, especially the teens, who actually look the part. Also, the show managed to explore the five main characters pretty well for me. And I must say the soundtrack impressed me so much I caught myself searching for every song featured in the show, including the final one, played during a heartbreaking and somehow electrifying scene… This leads to the list's number one.


1) Let’s start a revolution: that devastating ending got me. Saying goodbye to Simon apparently was the last straw to Wilhelm, as he ended the season very inclined to revolutionize the role of the monarchy in his life. This purpose could lead to many interesting ramifications, especially when the first season already had some political commentary on democracy and monarchy. With Wilhelm assuming a more decisive attitude towards his life, the show could dive into political plots. New royalty-related characters could arrive to help or antagonize Wilhelm in his journey towards his destiny, and who knows how much fun it could be?

2) Keep it complex: time to talk about the situation Sara created after approaching August and making a deal with him (sealed with lots of kissing). Later, she was pretty terrible to her family at dinner, and Simon had a talk with her that was very complex and touching. For next season, it would be great to see Sara like she was in this scene. Very hard to define, with questionable actions but also full of vulnerability (aka very interesting to watch). Also, her relationship with August could continue in some capacity and later be discovered by Felice and Simon, and oh boy, let the drama begin!

3) The lies will hurt you no more: another prominent plot involves drugs, Simon, and his family. Not that Simon should go to jail, but it would be compelling to see some consequences of his involvement with drug dealing. Especially when it comes to how it could impact his relationship with his mother and sister. What would happen if both of them discovered everything that he has done? Could this revelation bring his father to the conversation? To be honest, I feel it would be a great starting point to develop more of these four characters' conflicts. It'd be also a good opportunity to delve deeper into the past of this family. I hope this isn’t left aside so soon.

4) Parents, Assemble: also related to family, I must say the dynamics between parents and kids were pretty fine. I’d love to see more of that. Actually, what about an encounter between Linda (aka Simon’s mother) and Kristina (the Queen herself)? I don’t know how it could happen, but these two seem so different in everything but are somehow so connected to their sons’ lives that I’d love to watch a scene or more with them in conflict… Or in friendship, who knows?

I’m also interested in seeing Simon’s parents together, talking to each other about their problems, because I don't think I get exactly what Linda feels about her ex-husband. Also, it could open the door to some sort of resolution for Sara with her father, which she seems to need. A lot.

Finally, Felice’s mom. We didn’t get the chance to see what happened between her and Felice after the latter decided to give up on the role of Lucia. We could get that, it would be cool.

5) Keep it about them: sometimes I feel that love triangles are inclined to be introduced during a franchise’s second installment. And that works in many cases, as it can be a great way to develop the main couple, while also adding tension and shaking things up. That said, I don’t know if it’d work here. The dynamic between Simon and Wilhelm is very special, wonderful, and perfect by itself. Very likely, their problems won’t be solved in 10 minutes, but it’d be refreshing if the story keeps centered around them.

Bonus: After that last-minute discovery in episode 6, I hope to see Felice training to join the FBI next season! No, just kidding (but who knows?), I’m actually eager to see if she will go after her true interests (not equitation-related, of course) + if her relationship with social media and self-image will change. Felice was the biggest surprise for me and I can’t wait to see what’s next for her.

Another bonus: I don’t know what to say about August. I have no idea if he’ll try to redeem himself or if he’ll somehow get worse (if possible). What do you guys think?

In conclusion, even though it was very enjoyable to write about such a touching and meaningful show, all I really want is a second season so the cast and crew can continue their amazing work!!!

Now let me know your thoughts on everything. Have you watched Young Royals already? If so, what did you think? Feel free to leave a comment with your expectations for next season as well, and thanks for reading!