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Younger - The Son Also Rises & The Baroness - Double Review

16 May 2021

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I have never tried to hide my dislike for Quinn Tyler. I’ve also never tried to hide my distaste for Quinn and Charles. So imagine my surprise when they’re still together after The Son Also Rises, and we get an attempt at a Quinn redemption arc in The Baroness! 

The Baroness was… certainly an episode I never thought we’d have to see in the final season of the show. There’s truly not much to tell from it other than that Quinn is made out to be this great, caring, charitable woman who didn’t admit to Liza in a previous episode that she’s using Charles for her run for Governor. Sure. Okay. 

The entire time we were forced to like Quinn, or try to like her, I was begging for anything else to happen. Look, here’s the thing: if the writers really wanted us to believe Quinn and Charles are going to be 2gether 4ever, they wouldn’t have shown us The Son Also Rises. That’s just the facts. But more on that later… 

For now, let’s talk Maggie. Girl. I am so sorry they are giving you bare minimum storylines this season. When we first saw the trailer, it was so exciting to see that Maggie might finally meet someone she’s going to be with for a while. Then, all we got was Maggie working for 3 weeks and her boss being a psychopath.

The way that Cass defends Kamila is so weird considering they’re both, you know, adults. Cass insinuating that Kamila is this tiny baby doe who’s extremely vulnerable and sensitive shows that she really doesn’t know her wife at all. 

I can totally understand the writers wanting to be “with the times” and discuss “woke culture” but they did it in a very tone-deaf way that didn’t show any sort of growth or any necessity for it. Learning that only Cass was saying that Maggie was transphobic? The shot where she’s told to her face that she’s canceled? We are once again seeing a very obvious sign that millennials do not in fact write this show. 

This storyline was wasted on Maggie, and it makes me so sad because she deserves so much more than to be a mistress and then be “canceled” without any sort of input on her own to the situation. Please give Maggie a beautiful, single woman to fall in love with before the finale. I’m begging you. 

Kelsey was surprisingly tolerable the last few episodes. Well… Kelsey was Kelsey. It’s not surprising to me that she got the flirty, horny edit on the reality show she was on, she was kind of giving off those vibes. To make it seem like that’s all she was there for, though? Yeesh. Yikes. 

Kelsey blaming Lauren for it was completely unfair though -- yes, Lauren signed her up, but you said yes, Kelsey. It was her fault for not telling you about the four-episode arc though. 

Luckily, she got out of that with, uh, Clare’s ex? Sure. Hey, uh, do y’all remember him at all? Because I certainly don’t. Super glad they let us know exactly who he was instead of just assume we’d know who he was. 

He and Kelsey, unfortunately, have pretty good chemistry. I say unfortunately because of the whole, can I date my friend's ex? issue. It would be nice to see Kelsey be with a man who’s not a grade-A jerk, so maybe this will work out with Clare’s blessing. 

Anyway, let’s talk The Son Also Rises. 

You could’ve wiped my mind of the last seven episodes entirely and shown me this episode and I would’ve simply assumed it was in season five. The way Charles and Liza look at each other isn’t at all platonic, and if the writers really wanted me to give Quinn and Charles a chance, they never should’ve shown this to me. 

When Charles had to attend the funeral of someone he believes he wronged, and then upon finding out that he may have another child, Liza was there. Without Charles even asking. And he talked to her! He didn’t hold anything back, he didn’t sugarcoat anything. 

He certainly didn’t hold anything back when Liza mentioned Quinn -- his indignation was clear on his face. 

And just so we’re clear, I don’t dislike Quinn because she’s dating Charles, I dislike her because she’s abrasive, aggressive, and mean. Everything Liza isn’t. Which is probably why Charles went for her. 

The Son Always Rises gives us a clear picture of what Charles and Liza are to each other. They’re willing to talk about anything and everything, no matter when or where. We literally don’t even know if Quinn knew about any of this. 

I know Miriam Shor was only available for the one episode because of COVID-19 restrictions, but you’re really telling me Liza and Diana just don’t speak anymore? We couldn’t get a few scenes of Liza on the phone with Diana? That made me sad. You know she’d be eating up any gossip that came from Liza or Charles. 

These few episodes seem to be putting us on a trajectory towards a Charles/Liza reunion, and I’m just saying, if I don’t get that, I will be suing for emotional distress. 

What did you think of the episodes? What were your thoughts on Kelsey being called ‘princess’? (I hated it, thanks.) Do you think Liza will end up alone? Did you enjoy the additional Quinn in the latest episode? Let me know in the comments below!