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The Equalizer - Reckoning - Review: "Who are you?"

31 May 2021

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Robyn was basically her own client for the season finale.

Delilah and friends skip school to get pizza. Unfortunately, they end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, and one of Delilah’s friends ends up dead in a drive by shooting.

Robyn moves from the high level desire to see the shooter arrested to the rampage of a mother whose daughter has been threatened. It’s the second stage that drove the action into high gear.

She gets ahead of the cops and finds the shooter through the simple expedient of going those associated with the target of the shooting and employing her unique interrogation skills (a grenade and honesty).

In her defense, she does try it Dante’s way first. She tips off the police and the shooter is arrested. The kids ID the shooter, with the understanding that their identifications are confidential.

But, yet another crooked cop leaked the names of the kids. They all received threatening phone calls.

It’s kind of difficult to condemn Robyn’s methods when the legal systems fails so completely.

There was a lot of reality in this episode, but, while these elements will hopefully inspire us to find ways to make the world a better place, we tune in to watch Robyn get the justice the real world doesn’t always offer.

On that score, this episode did not disappoint.

My favorite scene was Robyn’s visit to Victor, the guy in charge of The Brigada Seven’s move onto US soil.

Robyn laid out her demands and provided her “credentials” (retribution against terrorists who killed Americans in 2012).

He, predictably, disregarded her warning. He also underestimated her. Although, when Kostya pulled the gun on her just before the shooting started, I wondered if she underestimated him as well.

But Robyn is the Queen of Plans.

She’s set things up so that the Melina Cartel will, effectively, be her back up. The cartel has the opportunity to face The Brigada Seven head on and once and for all.

Of course, when the shooting starts Victor runs....or tries to...Robyn makes sure neither man will hurt anyone again. It was fun watching her run the gauntlet with Mel offering cover.


Speaking of the legal system and its failures, Dante spent the episode struggling with what those failures mean for hm.

After watching the failures of the system, he’s driven to visit his father, who is serving prison time for “crossing the line”.

His father, Ben, nails the crux of Dante’s conundrum.

He realizes that his son’s eyes are starting to open to the reality of how the legal system works. He notes that Dante is “looking for the line”

I liked Ben’s choice of words, because he is right.

This season Dante has been having his eyes opened to the flaws of the legal system and why someone like Robyn is needed.

Each time Dante turned to the legal system, to deal with a situation Robyn is facing, he's been forced to face the legal system’s failings (e.g. not looking for a serial killer for political reasons, a corrupt cop masterminding a terrorist plot, or shrugging off the leak that put three children’s lives in danger), he’s trying figure out where the line is and which side is right.

So, when Robyn asks him to work with her, he agrees to think about it.

It looks like Dante's position is going to be walking right on top of that tightrope.


Delilah found herself having to deal with the real world and she stepped up. I wasn’t surprised, but I was pleased.

As difficult as it all was for her, she was willing to stand up to the mother who decided to blame the child lying in the hospital for it all. She was even willing stand by her witness statement and testify in court.

She is her mother’s daughter.

But the most surprising step she took was following her mother, in the middle of the night, when Robyn was kitting up for the confrontation at the dock.

When Delilah first saw Robyn’s photo on Dante’s desk, I thought she was going to follow Robyn into the shootout.

Seeing her climb out of the trunk in the storage area was a complete surprise.

What a question to leave us with? I am really looking forward to how Delilah responds to Robyn’s answer. I expect that to take a few episodes. Hopefully, it won’t just be Delilah acting out.

Most of the episode was a pretty solid typical episode. But, that last scene hit hard enough to ensure I do not miss the season 2 premiere.

What did you think about the episode?