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Chicago PD - Impossible Dream & The Radical Truth - Double Review

12 Apr 2021

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Impossible Dream gave us a chance to see Atwater take on a mentoring role with Andre Cooper and reminded us that finding justice isn't an easy equation to solve. While in The Radical Truth, Adam contends with his father's poor life choices and has to face some personal realities he wasn't prepared for.

Impossible Dream

Hope was not lost for Ruzwater and their partnership following Wheelan's arrest. The conflict between them was water under the bridge as they opened this episode imagining an investment opportunity together. Kevin shared his vision of restoring the community and bringing it back to life, while Adam wasn't exactly sold on the area that he proposed. I was a little disappointed by his doubts, but not that surprised by it either. It's hard to tell from the two interactions they had about it whether we'll ever see this dream come to fruition. But I think Kevin and Adam could both use a side project to focus on that they're passionate about.

Miller asked a reluctant Voight to give Wheelan's former trainee, Andre Cooper, a chance in Intelligence. Cooper had been getting a lot of heat from other cops over the shooting and Sam didn't want his career to suffer because of it. I think we all knew this was coming. But I'm glad that Miller and Voight were, yet again, able to meet each other halfway on this decision. I am cautiously waiting for something to disrupt that balance though. I've brought up their dynamic several times this season because I really value everything it has added to the show. It's new and different. It's had such a positive impact on Voight and the entire unit. And it just works for me. I still find myself looking forward to all of their screen time.

Even though Cooper wasn't looking for any special treatment or placement from Voight in the beginning, he did help to play a key role in taking down Quincy. Unfortunately, a price was paid for bringing him to justice. And alongside Damari's fate, Cooper's hopes of making a difference for him were fractured. He couldn't see how little control he had over Damari and Theo's outcome. The truth was that the variables involved in that outcome were too unpredictable. Quincy was too unpredictable. Atwater coached Cooper through it as best as he could. He was honest with him about what it takes to get the job done. He reminded him of the victims you have to keep in the forefront, their families and the reality that criminals are not just one thing. They aren't fictional villains. And I really think that it's better that Cooper realize this sooner rather than later.

The Radical Truth

Disco Bob is not going to get his life together. He's still out here gambling away his money, getting into debt with dangerous gangs and violating his duty as a cop. He doesn't take responsibility for his actions and this time he chose to sell out his son to do his dirty work for him. How do you look yourself in the mirror after having betrayed your son and your career like that? Voight was absolutely right, Adam does need to stop covering for Bob. If you continue covering up for and bailing people out of situations that they repeatedly instigate themselves, they're going to eventually start expecting that from you. They'll never learn a thing.

I've talked before about Adam needing some sort of impetus to move him beyond this static place that it feels like he's been in. Something that motivates him to re-evaluate himself, what kind of cop he is and wants to be going forward. And now perhaps work to build a new legacy for himself apart from the one his father created. I think the events of this episode may be one of the most obvious opportunities he's had for that all season. The question now is whether he'll put any action behind it. There's still a lot of uncertainty for me surrounding the direction he's headed. So I'm waiting to see where the rest of his storyline takes him this season to get more perspective.

Let's talk Burzek.

This final scene was rough. Adam had just found out that he'd been betrayed by his father only to discover that the only person left in his life who hadn't questioned him or doubted him, was doing exactly that. I'd be hurt and upset too. Kim, on the other hand, wasn't exactly wrong either. Adam has been going through a lot recently; changes in policing, the entire situation with Tommy, Atwater challenging his integrity and now his father selling him out. It would be a lot for anyone to deal with! There were two very distinct moments highlighted in this episode where Adam took a very deep breath that set us up to believe he was on the edge of losing control of himself. All of that coupled with his comments to Kim in the car before they arrived at the scene. I mean, Kim's implication was not out of the realm of possibility. I really don't know where they go from here as a couple. But what I do know is that they both need to take a minute to recalibrate.

Some Extra Thoughts

*We're over halfway through the season and there's been no mention of Rojas' absence. I still hope that we get some kind of closure, but I've also somehow come to terms with not knowing.

*The Upstead of it all. The scene we were given in Impossible Dream was such a sweet surprise that it reminded me of the excitement I felt seeing them in 7x20. I wasn't expecting anything and we were still blessed with a much needed crumb.

What did you think of Impossible Dream and The Radical Truth? Let me know in the comments below! And make sure to tune in to Chicago PD airing Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.