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Guilty Party - Geoff Stults, Jules Latimer, Tiya Sircar, Alanna Ubach, Laurie Davidson & Andre Hyland Join Cast

1 Mar 2021

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Geoff Stults (Little Fires Everywhere), newcomer Jules Latimer, Tiya Sircar (Good Sam), Alanna Ubach (Euphoria), Laurie Davidson (The Good Liar) and Andre Hyland (The Death of Dick Long) are set as series regulars opposite Kate Beckinsale in Guilty Party, Paramount+’s half-hour dark comedy from Funny or Die.

Latimer will play Toni, a young woman who has been sentenced to 92 years without parole for murdering her husband, a no-good gun runner whom she stridently maintains she did not kill. Now, three years after these events, Toni writes to Beth asking her to reopen her case and help prove her innocence. Hell-bent on getting out of prison, Toni is a relentless advocate on her own behalf as she tries to take on a broken justice system.

Stults will play Marco, Beth’s husband, a true-blue park ranger who rolls with the punches and tries to be sympathetic to his once illustrious journalist wife’s frustration in her lowly new job.

Davidson will portray George, a low-level gun runner who is the brains of the operation. While he has a sensitive side and is prone to falling head over heels in love, he can just as easily lose control of his temper and isn’t afraid to use violence to solve a problem.

Sircar will play Fiona, Beth’s associate at the online publication, Fiona is a duplicitous overachiever but a fantastic wing-woman when the going gets dangerous.

Ubach will portray Tessa. This news anchor was lapped by Beth when they started out as young reporters. Now, Tessa’s a “chief crime correspondent” who is quickly moving upwards with Beth fading in her rearview.

Hyland will play Wyatt, a dangerous, bigoted buffoon who thinks he’s way smarter than he is and has the sense of humor of a 13-year-old boy. Wyatt is a low-level gun runner and a wild card – he can turn from a dopey chump to a vicious maniac in the blink of an eye.