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Big Sky - A Good Day To Die - Review

22 Dec 2020

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Last week's episode of Big Sky finally pushed the plot in a surprising direction and blew some fresh air into the Montana mountains. Let's review.

Now we're talking! It took a while but Big Sky is finally taking us on a ride to unexpected places. Or at least we hope so because at the end of this episode Cassie (Kylie Bunbury) shot Rick Legarski (John Carroll Lynch) in the head, and that could mean all kinds of things for the rest of this season. But we'll circle back to that.
First, this episode had us on the edge as it hopened on Legarski holding a hammer over his sleeping wife Merilee (Brooke Smith) and fantasizing about killing her. It wasn't clear what he was actually going to do until she woke up and he told her he simply wanted to "turn a brand new leaf" a.k.a. get out of the human trafficking business and focus on his marriage, something he actually told Ronald later on in the episode.

Meanwhile, Danielle (Natalie Alyn Lind) tried to provoke Ronald (Brian Geraghty) as some sort of last resort attempt to fight for her freedom, but it didn't work. After, Ronal noticed someone had been at the barn and it became urgent to get rid of the kidnapped girls. Conveniently, Cassie realized the barn had underground space and she and Jenny (Katheryn Winnick) rushed back there in hopes to find the girls and catch Legarski in the act. But of course, they got there too late and the girls had already been moved.

Other things happened in this episode, like Jenny being arrested for crimminal stalking or Ronald grabbing his mother after she called him a sexual pervert; but they aren't as significant for character development as the flashback showing how Rick and Ronald met and letting us know that the human trafficking business is something Rick got Ronald into after he pulled him over with a prostitute in his truck. In the end, it seems Ronald has always been just a pawn.

But now to the exciting part of the episode: Cassie figuring out where the girls have been taken and confronting Legarski. The bullet in the head I did not see coming, and therefore Legarski dying at this point in the season came as a surprise. He is a much stronger bad guy than Ronald so what does this leave us with? That being said, he did have the time to utter "My, my, my..." after being shot and before dropping to the ground, so maybe he is going to survive this (who knows, really, what this show can try to pull off) but it seems that this is it for Trooper Legarski. So what's in store for the rest of this 16-episode season? Now I'm curious. You did it Big Sky, you convinced be to be back with you in January! Let's see if you can keep me on my toes even longer.

What about you? What did you think of this latest episode of Big Sky?