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Throwback Thursday - Supernatural - In the Beginning

12 Nov 2020

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Throwback Thursday is a weekly article in which we look back at our favorite TV episodes from the past. 

After 15 seasons and 327 Episodes Supernatural will end its impressive run next Thursday evening. In that name, I`ve decided to dedicate this TBT article to them and in my opinion, one of their most impressive episode to date.  In the Beginning, is a powerful outing that stands out with delicate writing, great story-building, lasting twists and impressive performances. The episode was written by Jeremy Carver and directed by Steve Boyum.

Newly arrived Castiel aka Babyface Misha Collins decided to throw in a gamechanger and introduce time-traveling into the world of Supernatural. With a snip of a finger, he sent Dean 35 years into the past to meet his parents and "Stop it".  Jensen Ackles as Dean was vivid in 1973! Dean is such an outspoken and unapologetic character so it was very hard for him to keep it all in, yet his breaking point was reached quite fast down the line. But a bit later on that. 

Dean`s meet-cutes with his parents were widely different than we would expect. John the peaceful steady man and Mary the badass Hunter, a twist no one saw coming. Digging deeper into Mary`s family history and using it as a means to broaden the brothers' world and legacy was a great move by the writers. Giving Mary Winchester a personality and vulnerabilities is definitely what stood out to me in this episode. Till this point in this story, Mary was only a victim of what had happened to her, this episode gave her substance and character which would later be more explored upon the events of Mary`s return later in the series. Amy Gumenick delivered an exquisite performance. Balancing all the characters and sides she was dragged to and meanwhile carrying her own cross through this episode. 

Another impressive performance was delivered by Mitch Pileggi as Samuel Campbell. Mitch Pileggi is an outstanding actor and just had the right authoritative tone and determination the character needed. The moment he went all Yellow-Eyes and berserk upon the other characters made me shiver. The deep and deviated cold strike that appeared in his voice and the joy the exuded as his plan was unfolding left me glued to my seat. It was just the same terrifying energy I appreciated and made me hate Yellow-Eyes over the seasons. Good villains are just what makes a show good. 

The episode ended with Castiel telling that Destiny is something Sam and Dean can`t fight but still, there is a choice in everything we do which shapes the future upon us. This episode wasn't maybe the Supernatural episode that defines the show, as the brothers' connection wasn`t center stage. No matter the less, it shaped their past and set the foundation for everything that happened after November 2nd, 1983. 

Other Tidbits:
- Dean using a flip phone. Gosh so '00s, don`t remember when it was the last time I saw one of those.
- Never liked gloomy, serious Castiel. Still, Misha rocked it. What a performer!
- Wished Sam was more in this episode. Yet he got to time travel in 5x13 and see his parents *_*
- Is it too late to see an early day's Mary spin off? Amy was just that good. 
- Also it was a great nod to let Dean help John by Baby. 

That`s a wrap from me. What are your thoughts on "In the Beginning"? Did you enjoy it as much as I did? Leave your comments in the comment section below and share your thoughts on the episode and your favorite Throwback Supernatural episode? Which Supernatural episode do you watch when you get nostalgic? Till next time.