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Live+3 Ratings 2020/21 *Updated 19th November 2021*

19 Nov 2021

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We should now start getting weekly Live+3 Ratings and will be posted each week: NOTE: We don't have historical numbers for L+3, only new ones going forward.

The table is split into 2 sections. The first is ordered by Actual 18-49 L+£, the 2nd by Actual Total Viewer Gain.

We have also added a %Gain Column and Bar to make it visually easier to spot the big and little gains.

The numbers presented are unrounded so some shows will have been rounded down to a 0.00 rating which will cause some Divide by Zero errors in the tables.

Each week with the new weeks ratings you will be able click on a Tab at the top of the spreadsheet to view previous weeks data.