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One Chicago - Episode Orders for Upcoming Seasons Revealed

With production about to begin on Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Chicago Med, often collectively known as "One Chicago", SpoilerTV has learned the episode orders planned for the upcoming season.

Per IATSE Theatrical Wardrobe Union Local 769, all three Chicago shows will only shoot 15 episodes for their upcoming seasons. They usually shoot 22-23 episodes each season, but the unusually lower episode count is understandable due to the production start being delayed by several months due to COVID-19. All 3 shows also had to shut production early last season with all of them wrapping up their seasons at 20 episodes.

As listed above, Chicago Med will start production first on Tuesday next week, while Chicago Fire and PD will start production two weeks alter on October 6th.

It is possible that NBC might up the order if they are able to shoot more episodes, but for now, all 3 shows are preparing to produce 15 episodes.

The One Chicago franchise will premiere their delayed seasons on November 11th on NBC.