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Prodigal Son - Scheherazade - Review: Newcomers

1 Apr 2020

"It's hard to be good when you're so much better than everyone else."

Malcolm is trying to figure out what happened to Sophie but she appears in his dreams and tells him to go to his father for answers, which seems a little weird since he has never really been upfront before so I have no idea why that would change. In an effort to at least try, he decides to bring Eve on one of his visits, he convinces her to put on an act, to rattle Martin and then show why Malcolm would stop coming until he tells the truth.

The crime of the week takes place at a benefit for the American debut of the ballet Scheherazade with a performance by a Prima Ballerina, Fiona, and a newcomer from Cuba, Javier. But in the middle of the performance, he drops dead and the cops are called in. It turns out he was poisoned and they need to find whoever did it before the trail gets cold since it's not necessarily someone who enjoys killing and is eager to do it again, so "motive" is the most important thing.

I have to say I did like Gil berating the dancers saying he's turned up less incriminating stuff after searching drug dealers' homes since it looks like every dance is trying to hurt another in some way to eliminate the competition, talk about cutthroat. It turns out the Prima Ballerina is one of the ones creating this toxic environment, though I thought they were more puppets than puppeteers in general, perhaps I was mistaken. She tells them she liked Javier and points the finger to Nicholas Endicott (Dermot Mulroney) who happens to be one of Jessica's best friends in that world after The Surgeon was arrested. Turns out the murderer was Ivan Castillo, another Cuban defector who killed Javier to avoid recognition.

But the real monster reveal in this episode is Jessica's friend, we learn Sophie was more scared of him than The Surgeon, and I wonder the story she told Martin to scare him like that. This is why Martin does his best to keep Malcolm from investigating him and tells him to do the same for Eve if he truly loves her. She's not easily influenced though and she decides to go her own way, something that will likely get her close to the truth and therefore, either killed or kidnapped. I'm really interested in this new character but I wonder what is it about Jessica that makes her a magnet for serial killers.

"This isn't your search anymore."

What did you think about this episode? I look forward to your comments.