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Quote of the Week - Week of February 9th

18 Feb 2020

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Carol's Second Act - 
1. Dr. Frost: "I'm afraid that Dr. Lewis has requested that you be removed from Eddie's case." Carol: "What the bleep!?" Dennis: "Um. Did you just bleep yourself?" Carol: "Yeah, cause what I was thinking really needed to be censored." Dennis: "Try me." [Carol whispers in his ear.] Dennis: "Carol, 'heck' is not a bad word." (Prpleight)

Carter - 
1. Eugene: "Is that Marisol's raccoon trap?" Sam: "This was the plan? To lure him into a Bugs Bunny style trap?" Carter: "In a perfect world, that would always be the plan." Dave: "Agreed." (Prpleight)

Doctor Who - 
1. Anita: "What if this moment, where you want to run away from everyone, including yourself, is just that. A moment. What if we find a way to get you through it and out the other side? I've been where you are. Moments change. Help's out there. As much or as little as you need." (This quote has to be one of the best quotes I've ever heard. It reminded me of all the dark days I've had and how I still held onto the future, in hopes it would be better. It's the exact kind of scene I needed back then. - Zoe Fleury)

Lincoln Rhyme - 
1. Sellitto: “Listen, if you feel a headache or dizzy, confused, anything, you get the hell out.” Amelia: “I work with Lincoln Rhyme. When am I not confused with a headache?”
2. Cutter: “You’re smart and you’re good, but you’re arrogant, Lincoln. But may I remind you, I had a team and we spent a long time tracking this guy. You brought us the final piece and for that I commend you, but this wasn’t you alone. It was a team effort, and if you can’t play on a team, you’ll be good, but you’ll only be so good.”
3. Sellitto: “Can we have a minute?” Lincoln: “We don’t have a minute.” Sellitto: “That’s what you said to me three years ago. Ten minutes before you entered that warehouse, you and I had this very exchange.” Lincoln: “No.” Sellitto: “We did. I said don’t rush in there.” Lincoln: “I was right. The victim was there.” Sellitto: “I was right. I said he was setting us up. I said we need to think before we walk into a trap.” Lincoln: “You think I should have let that victim die?” Sellitto: “I’m saying I had a feeling something was wrong but you knew you were right, and here we are. So if Amelia’s gut is saying something’s wrong, let’s take a minute, okay? Let’s take a minute. Get it right.”
4. Lincoln: “I didn’t hire you to regurgitate research. I hired you to be my eyes and ears. My brain works just fine.” Amelia: “Yeah well, so does mine.” (Dahne)

MacGyver - 
1. Matty: “Occasionally scaring the cr**out of your employees is just good business management.”
2. Taylor: “Who in their right mind would dream up remote control cockroaches?”
3. Taylor: “Oh finally, my dream of owning an invisibility cloak is one step closer to reality.” (Who doesn’t want an invisibility cloak? To think that the military is going high-tech Harry Potter is awesome. -Dahne)
4. Boser, while Taylor is muttering anti-anxiety affirmations over the headset: “Who patched in Tony Robbins?” (Dahne)

Outmatched - 
1. Mike: “I didn’t say they could move out. I said they could move out if…” Kay: “I knew you’d ‘if’ this up.”
2. Mike: “See, we don’t have to be the bad guy. Reality can be the bad guy. See, the good news is we brought the kids into a cruel world that shoots down people’s dreams all the time. Why should we say no when that fat, blue jerk, the world, will do it for us?”
3. Mike: “Stick up a multiplex?” Kay: “Nope, Popcorn Day, which apparently never ends, blew up in my face.” Mike: “Oh well, not gonna say ‘I told you so,’ and I hope you remember that. I also hope you remember that we love each other unconditionally, in a legally binding way.”
4. Nicole: “That felt like a ‘yes’ from mom.” Mike: “Yeah, I now really see how unhelpful that quality is.” (Dahne)

Single Parents - 
1. Poppy: “Actually no, I’m not buying this mole thing, but you’re very fair so I hope you use sunscreen.” Red: “I use Crisco.” Poppy: “Look, I don’t want to bloody my knuckles, so you’ve got 5 seconds to get out of my sight because it’s Valentine’s Day and I’m gonna eat Thai food with my man. Then we might take a bath, probably a shower, because we’ve tried it and we both can’t fit in the tub.”
2. Colin: “So she was flirting with me? She was so off-putting.” Will: “Yeah, that’s an American thing. It’s actually considered very sexy here. We also let people die if they don’t have health insurance, but trust me, she’s into you.”
3. Angie, looking at the juice box: “Is there any world where there’s alcohol in that?” Colin: “That depends. Would that be something that you would judge me for?” Angie: “You clearly don’t know me at all.”
4. Poppy: “Douglas, if me being a jealous, crazy person is the only way that you know I care about you, then I feel sorry for you.” (Dahne)

Tommy - 
1. Tommy: “We now know the full tragedy of Eddie’s death. It was a failure - not his, ours. Our failure to see the hurt he was feeling. Every cop knows that hurt. We go places that others won’t go. We do and see things that others turn away from. It’s good honorable work, and it hurts. Too many of us carry that hurt like a shame. A poet said, ‘There are no strangers here. Only friends we haven’t met.’ I believe that. If we are truly friends to each other, share the truths of what we’ve seen and what we’ve done without shame, then I believe the hurt will lessen and we can start to heal.”
2. Tommy: “Kate, you asked me to come and live with you.” Kate: “I asked my mother to come, not the entire Los Angeles police force.”
3. Lady: “Maybe a little warmer this time.” Buddy: “I’m asking people to look out for terrorists. How warm am I supposed to be?”
4. Tommy: “I thought I could just do the single mom thing, but I had just made detective and the truth is, you know, I was much better at being a detective. When she turned 14, she told me she wanted to go live with her dad and I said okay, and I think that’s what she can never quite forgive me for.” Diaz: “But she asked you to come live with her, right? That's something.” Tommy: “Yeah, I think she’s having buyer’s remorse.” (Dahne)

The Unicorn - 
1. Forrest: “I know this seems crazy but it’s given me a purpose. I’ve just been on this losing streak for awhile and I just want to...I want to put up a win, you know?” Delia: “Well, do you know what I see when I look at you?” Forrest: “Angry man with a tiny broom?” Delia: “No, I see the biggest winner I’ve ever known.” Forrest: “Awww.” Delia: “And I know that you want to take time off and I’ve been really supportive, but…” Forrest: “I know I need to get out of the house and start looking for a job.” Delia: “Oh, you really thrive in structure.”
2. Forrest: “Porch pirates?” Michelle: “Yeah, they steal packages and some of them just drive up right behind delivery vans.” Forrest: “No?” Wade: “It’s kind of ironic that pirates stole your ship.”
3. Ben: “I just know my daughter’s a point guard.” Coach: “She is. She’s a natural, but she hogs the ball and she shoots too much. She’s a classic coach’s kid.” Ben: “Uh, that’s not...uh that’s...uh, that’s...that’s exactly what she is.” Coach: “I know and I’m never gonna let her play point guard until she learns how to play team ball.” Ben: “That’s smart.” Coach: “I know, and she’s never gonna learn how to play team ball until her father sits down and shuts up.” Ben: “As a coach, that’s exactly what I’d say...about someone else’s kid.”
4. Michelle: “Plus, she’s the Queen Bee of the 6th grade moms.” Delia: “And she scares me.” Michelle: “I’m scared I’m gonna push her down a flight of stairs.” (Dahne)

Young Sheldon - 
1. Mary: “I understand that you want to be appreciated for what you do, but so do I. This is my home and taking care of my family is the choice that I’ve made, and I am proud to do it.”
2. George: “So your problem is that a woman’s mad at you and Sheldon thinks you’re dumb?” Keith: “Yeah.” George: “Welcome to my life, friend.” Keith: “What do I do?” George: “You quit complaining. You’re young; you’re smart; you’re not tied down. This is as good as it gets.” Keith: “It is?” George: “Yes. I wish I was 20 again. Eating and drinking and being skinny. Now go back in there, finish your project, and get your a** to a keg party. Go.”
3. Sam: “None of the guys in my class take me seriously, and honestly, it doesn’t help when women like you run around doing their laundry and making them snacks.” Mary: “I’m just being a good host.” Sam: “Yeah, and raising another boy to think that all women are just notetakers and mommies.” Mary: “I’m sorry I’m making life so hard for you. And for your information, Sheldon does not look down on women. He looks down on everyone.” (Dahne)