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The Fix - The Wire - Review

3 Apr 2019

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The plot thickens in Sevvy’s case as the video of Jessica showing her days of abuse goes viral. But the question is, was Sevvy actually the one who did that to her? At no point in the video does she explicitly state he did it. At first I thought Gabe might have been the one to murder her but she does mention Gabe’s name, as if he wasn’t the perpetrator, so that remains to be seen. I definitely think there is more here than meets the eye.

Maya isn’t anywhere near done threatening Ezra’s carefully manufactured defense. She initiates a new tactic this week after catching wind of Sevvy visiting his mistress, Dia. She and the team (now including Loni who seems to have had a change of heart) pursue Dia and persuade her to wear a wire and catch Sevvy lying about something.

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC
They hook a big fish with this one as Sevvy confesses on the wire that Ezra has a fake alibi ready for him to use. Once Dia realized she was one of the many in Sevvy’s long line of conquests and he was intending to break things off with her, it doesn’t take much for her to betray him to Maya.

To be honest, I don’t find Maya a wholly likable character, and this is coming from someone who loves unlikable/villainous women. I think her lack of self-awareness and the writing making her more one-dimensional than two-dimensional has something to do with that. I couldn’t believe Maya confronted Ezra with the information she had on Sevvy’s alibi! Why would you show the counsel that ahead of trial? It came across too cocky a maneuver and now Ezra is more on guard than ever, plus he’s determined to take her down just as much as she is him.

There aren’t many characters to root for on this show in general.

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC
In Sevvy’s personal life, things aren’t faring much better. Jessica’s tape blows up his relationship with Gabe, who now no longer believes his father is innocent. He decides to go on a drinking binge, because that’s always a great idea, and gets into a bar fight. The fight leads him right into Sevvy’s ex-wife’s arms and we also find out she… paid a guy to start a fight with Gabe? It remains to be seen exactly what angle she’s playing it.

Sevvy and Ezra’s relationship isn’t doing great either, with Sevvy going ballistic when he learns about the fake alibi mess Maya now has on tape. But Ezra is able to turn his anger towards the one person he claims is to blame for everything: Maya.

Now the tide is going to turn towards her, with everything Ezra and Sevvy do next working on tearing down the prosecution rather than trying to prove his innocence since I guess that doesn’t matter as much - and to the show’s credit, we already saw this play out (better) in American Crime Story: OJ Simpson. We know that public opinion can sometimes be all that matters to sway a jury, but I just don’t think The Fix is clever enough to purposefully utilize that tactic.

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC
However, the show could surprise me. I do admit I’m still engaged from week to week even if underwhelmed by the characters. If Ezra and Maya’s conflated smear campaigns against one another work, then it’s going to make for a volatile courtroom and a confused jury.

And where does Ezra plan to start his attack? By sending his fixer back to Maya’s home to mess with her boyfriend and see what dirt he has on his beloved.

Also worth noting, apparently Maya has a stalker! Someone leaves jewelry on her doorstep and he puts it in a bag in a safe where it sits with several other boxes. Apparently this has been going on for a long time and what’s more, Maya isn’t even bothered by it. In a way, I think she’s flattered. I wonder if this stalker might be the real killer in the Sevvy Johnson case?

New episodes of The Fix premiere Monday nights on ABC.