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The Fix - Scandal - Review

9 Apr 2019

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Remember last week when it appeared that Ezra vs. Maya was about to be kicked up a few notches? That's exactly where this episode goes as the "scandal" in question is a fabricated one from the defense team. Ezra has his team doctor a fake sex tape of Maya and Matthew before blasting it out to all social media.

Of course, everyone initially believes it to be true and it creates a maelstrom for the prosecution. The mayor wants Maya fired. But Maya has never walked away from anything, nonetheless the case of her career, without a fight. Matthew helps Maya out by getting her on his wife, Effy's talk show, so she can basically denounce the sexist double standards that require her to go on an apology tour while Matthew's career isn't threatened at all.

Maya's speech works and wins back the general public, the #MayaOnFayah hashtag starts trending again and we even get to see Maya's boyfriend give Ezra a long-overdue punch in the face. He's a genuinely good guy, not second-guessing Maya for even a second.

As for the actual case, some new surveillance footage turns up of Julianne having dinner with Jessica the night before she was murdered. Eventually, Julianne talks to Maya about why she was there, she was trying to warn Jessica to leave Sevvy but she never listened to her.

Speaking of Sevvy, his children have begun doubting him too. Gabe and Star go dig up the bag their father wanted hidden and inside they find clothing full of sand. It's super suspicious considering Jessica was found dead on a beach! But before Gabe can take it to the police, Star sets the bag on fire. She can't bring herself to betray her father.

As for Loni, she might be in trouble this week. Finally she gets out of Ezra's grasp by threatening to out him to Sevvy about his bankruptcy. But Maya now knows there is a mole from Ezra's office based on the fact Julianne was warned by Ezra, who got his intel from Loni.

New episodes of The Fix premiere Monday nights on ABC.