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The Fix - Lie to Me - Review

16 Apr 2019

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This week on Marcia Clark's elaborate revenge fantasy, the focus is on Gabe and the aftermath of his forest scuffle with Sevvy. Gabe has had a change of heart. Enough to the point he decides to pay Maya a visit and reveal the truth about the hidden duffel bag.

In the process, he also asks Maya to recount the truth about what happened to his own mother. Gabe's betrayal is a serious blow to Sevvy's case. Which is why Wolf orchestrates his next dirty trick. He has Star file a bogus police report against Gabe to get him arrested for assaulting Sevvy in the woods. This will sully his reputation should he go on trial to testify against his father. Gabe's arrest doesn't sit right with Maya, who feels as if she has let him down.

The Mole Hunt

When we left off last week, Maya and Matthew were kicking it into overdrive on their hunt for the office mole. We know it's Loni, obviously, but the question is what will happen when Maya finds out? I guess it's Loni's lucky day because she doesn't, but Matthew does. He figures out Loni is the mole when, during her lie detector test, her eyebrow... quirks?

He is willing to keep this a secret however, as their team cannot afford to take another hit amidst Wolf's smear campaign. Even though Loni is out of the spying business, it doesn't mean the prosecution is in the clear. Someone has placed a bug in the war room, Matthew believes it was Loni. Another bug can be seen at Maya's home while Riv is hanging out there.

Could these bugs be planted by Maya's mysterious stalker? He raises his head once again this week with yet another package left on her door step. CJ fills Riv in on the details since Maya is continuing to act unbothered by it.

New episodes of The Fix air Monday nights on ABC.