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Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists - Lost and Found - Review: "Oink Oink -A" + POLL

25 Apr 2019

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In the aftermath of last week's episode, the two perfectionists are waiting at the hospital for their third to get out of surgery (from her invisible hit and run injuries). Ava tries to channel some of Dylan's hopeful optimism in these dark times and they make amends at the waiting room, promising they'll stick together and take Mason down.Ali and Mona are already onto them and decide to keep the news about Taylor to themselves until they figure out how she fits into everything.

In the meantime, Mona is introduced to Ava and Caitlin as their fellow liar, to which she snarkily replies "the whole posse thing is new to me". Take that Alison, for never letting her be part of your group. The perfectionists update them on Mason's transformation into Nolan 2.0 and Mona the OG stalker scoffs at this A wanna-be. Ali wonders why the hell they didn't even consult with her before plotting their revenge and then for some crazy reason Ava devices it's time to tell the cops most of the truth. That's not how things work in this universe dear Ava. And sure enough, Dana Booker is also present and has now taken over this investigation too. Is she getting paid enough for all this overtime?

Our trench coat PLL queens joke about their assigned campus jobs, Ali's fashion vs Mona's campus clean up, before they split up. Mrs D is running the show, since she couldn't be present to her own dead fashion tribute. She introduces Ava to Zach the assistant, who snaps at her for being late. Mona tasks herself with sleuthing at Taylor's hide-out motor home and reflects on her own loneliness by talking to Ali about how she felt when she was hiding out in her own RV in her "A" days. Alison can relate, after running a jazz bar in New York during her dead years, isolated from all her friends and family and on the run from a constant threat.

When she runs out of sleuthing things to do she plays a round of chess with Bad Bishop, who bailed on their date last week, and checkmates them with a victorious grin. A glass of water vibrating on the table makes her realise there's a whole hidden hacking cabinet. That's so MONA. "Who the hell is BH4?" Mona asks as she looks into Taylor's own impressive "A" stalking system. After being stuck there all day monitoring the campus, she gets an alert that Nolan Hotchkiss is in her apartment... can anyone stay dead in this town?

Caitlin wakes up and is greeted by a swarm of security before her senator mother walks in and we finally meet her. She's disappointed she's missing her track meet and Caitlin chooses to just ignore her. She's adamant about not getting any help from mom and she's also pissed she couldn't give her other mum time off to visit her. Senator mom is worried about Caitlin "being on the streets late at night" if only she knew she also set up schemes to drug possible murderers in creepy cabins

And that's when Caitlin snaps at her, revealing she knows about the affair and senator mom confirms her suspicions. It's a very awkward confrontation and Caitlin awkwardly asks if she's "straight again". Caitlin has learned enough about secrets to know better but Senator Park-Lewis worries about her reputation, even if it breaks Caitlin.

Much like our liars, all the perfectionists can do is laugh at the absurdity of their lives now filled with scheming, murders, and anxiety but Caitlin's British lover may have overheard them. With Caitlin safe, Ava and Dylan work out a plan to get back Mason's phone from the sewer it conveniently fell down. A gay would never agree to this. Dylan's adorable face lights up when Andrew reaches out to check in on Caitlin and he offers him a ticket to Ava's fashion show. Sadly, in the most realistic scene of PLLTP yet, Andrew starts to type a message and then stops and leaving poor Dylan on read. Zach is stealing Zoe's crown of shadiest character by throwing shade at Dylan for Andrew bailing on him.

Their window is small, despite the fact that the limits of time have never presented an issue on PLL. See: Alison somehow travelling across the country in time to meet her friends and family, taunt Jenna at the hospital, blackmailing Aria's dad, meet Ian, Ezra, get buried alive. If Caitlin and Dylan don't get his phone in time once the roads open and make it back for the fashion show while ALSO avoiding Mason returning, they'll lose their leverage.

Ava's runway slideshow includes, amongst some very questionable visuals, a picture of a graveyard which reminds Alison of Taylor's possible hideout spot. She meets her kindred spirit at the graveyard where Nolan rests behind a tree. Is she sleeping there? Who knows! Taylor greets her with a smile "so you think the dead girl should live again". Alison convinces her to come back and doesn't even give Claire a chance to sit down before springing her dead daughter on her.

Ava rushes to the crime scene to meet Dylan before her show. PLL tackled many creepy locations in its days but a sewer is a first and Ava ends up falling down while a creepy balloon with a pig face flies by. Begrudgingly, Dylan descends and finds her hiding from someone right as the shadowy pig monster of the Beacon Heights sewers scares the life out of them. Is this Riverdale? And right as they escape Dana Booker appears, again, holding the damn phone that proves nothing about Mason because he was at a frat party the night of the murder.

Jeremy visits Caitlin and holds her hand while he looks at her with his ridiculous puppy eyes. Caitlin tells him about Mason tormenting them, despite the fact that no one has actually confirmed this. It took the original liars a few seasons to tell their boyfriends and family about A. When Jeremy's gone, Mason somehow makes it into Caitlin's room and tells her to be quiet so she can finish what he started. He apologies profusely and owns up to blackmailing them using the secrets Nolan trusted him with, how nice of you. He decides being Nolan is not what he wants but when Caitlin asks him to give her the box of secrets only to discover he knew nothing about it.

Back at the fashion show Zach sasses them for the 100th time for smelling like sewage. For a second I thought Ava told Dylan to go out and play born this way naked. Would have been fitting. Just like her half-assed interview, Ava decides purposefully looking like a hot mess will be the answer to getting Vogue's attention. No honey, it just means you fell down a sewer. After the show, the perfectionists reunite and make a shocking realisation: maybe their tormentor didn't kill Nolan but is instead just framing them for it. YES. Then they conclude Dana Booker has to be behind this sick twisted game. NO.

Category is:
Iconic Line: "You found the dead girl whose brother was killed based on a rose you found in a cabin and a map of Oz then you brought said dead girl...only to have her disappear again? That sounds Right!"

Killer Look: Ava's supposed to be a fashion designer but she only had three models in tacky looking sparkling tops and dresses not to mention her ridiculous Liz Taylor headband. On tonight's runway

Lingering mysteries: The perfectionists officially name their tormentor Pig Man... which not really what I was hoping for but at least we have a signature. Where did this pig inspiration come from? I guess we'll find out soon enough but it's definitely not the first time we've seen them in the PLL universe.

Suspect pool: Our new friend Zach has just made himself a target by revealing he's the son of the family her dad embezzled, with plenty of motive to want to torture her back but I'm trusting that A/Pigman will be revealed as a character we know well, right?

Rating: 3.5/5 pig balloons go by
If this spinoff is a true upgraded PLL, the blackmailing alone wasn't gonna cut it and neither was the dead blonde girl. That's why we also have a crook cop who is announcing the fact that she's will do everything she can to frame our protagonists and break them. 1x6 is an episode that stands on the verge of ludicrous but still staying true to that classic tradition of chasing clues in creepy places, it progressed the mystery and offered closure on some of our suspects so far as well as some of the big secrets our perfectionists have been keeping.

What did you think my pretty dolls? Let us know in the poll and comments below: