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Fam - This is Fam - Review

12 Apr 2019

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The wedding has finally arrived and as predicted, it does not go off without a hitch. For starters, Clem is actually... married? To Ben! Turns out, their playful Vegas fake wedding was very real.

They're forced to get their wedding annulled and then the clerk at the office claims it'll take two weeks before Clem can actually get married again.

Well, that's not really an option when the wedding is right around the corner. Nick puts on his best puppy dog pout and manipulates the clerk into helping them after all. Doesn't he want to be a hero for once? With the paperwork cleared up, Clem and Nick are free to get married! Well, sort of. On the day of, Freddy doesn't show up, after promising he would be there to walk Clem down the aisle, she's clearly immensely disappointed. This is added salt on the wound because he already recorded over a special video her mother left for her to watch before she gets married with an episode of Baywatch.

For once though, Freddy actually has a decent excuse for not fulfilling his promise. He was shot by a meth head on the job. Shannon and Clem rush to the hospital to check on their father, fearing for his life. Initially they mistake a comatose patient wrapped head-to-toe in bandages for their dad.

Both Clem and Shannon express sentiments of adoration. Shannon tells Freddy she loves him, Clem forgives him for everything - cue Freddy pulling back the curtains from the other bed. He's doing relatively fine compared to the other guy and he definitely heard everything his daughters had to say. He apologizes for not being able to attend Clem's wedding, though he promises he'll be at her next one! Everyone is set to go back to the wedding venue when Nick comes up with an idea to have the wedding at the hospital so Freddy can attend.

Honestly, I was so unhappy with that decision, mainly because I had actually wanted to see a proper wedding between Nick and Clem, not this cheap hospital one. Freddy is also my least favorite character on the show, seemed lame Clem had to change all her plans for him. I get it's what made her happy but I'm on Team Walt - that is a lot of money they just threw in the trash!

To make matters worse, Freddy is going to need months of physical therapy, and Clem offers him a place to stay in her apartment! I guess the whole "fam" really will be together now. I'm not thrilled about it as I think episodes with Freddy are far less funny than episodes without him so I'm not looking forward to extra Freddy scenes in season two but I guess we'll see how it goes!

He does, at the very least, get the video from her mother fixed by some of his tech guys, allowing Clem to see the final message from her mom. She advises Clem to always remember how much she loves the person she's with to get them through the hard times and to ignore the blemishes because at the end of the day, they don't matter.

Congratulations to the happy couple! Nina truly did look beautiful.


Clem: Ben, I need a divorce.
Ben: This is my date, David.
David: Super confused but loving the drama.

Ben: David, I apologize, but I have to cut this date short. My wife needs me.
David: You'd be surprised how often I hear that.

Shannon: Our family just isn't cut out for marriage. I mean, think about Dad and Jolene. Or Dad and Carol. Or Dad and Other Carol.

Clem: You keep making jokes, saying that I'm gonna end up like Dad and Carol or Dad and Other Carol.
Freddy: Ah. Other Carol. Now, there was an attractive Mennonite.