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You're The Worst - Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Sunday Funday & Magical Thinking - Double Review: Emergency Exit

30 Mar 2019

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"Don't fuck this up!"

In Sunday Funday Bachelor/Bachelorette Party we get to see... well... exactly what it sounds like, our very last Sunday Funday in the form of Jimmy and Gretchen's joint Bachelor/Bachelorette Party, and even though they didn't address it I think it's sweet it was the same for both, even if it created some drama. Most importantly some differences between Gretchen and Jimmy were outlined, like the children discussion and the fact that maybe Gretchen is more willing to change than Jimmy, she even suggests in a couple of years she could be sober, which alludes to the flashback where she throws away the mini-fridge key at the hotel.

For that particular Sunday Funday, Edgar and Lindsay have devised an absolutely bonkers plan to give Jimmy and Gretchen the night of their lives. They go to Vegas with Edgar's crazy boss, who invited himself onto the trip in exchange from letting Edgar go free from his awful job, which honestly seemed like a waste of time this season, like they had no idea what to do with this character, but it'sd definitely not the first time. The guy asks everyone questions about their personal lives, when it's Jimmy and Gretchen's turn they disagree on pretty much everything, most importantly whether to have children or not, which doesn't really bode well for them, but neither do the flashforwards. Speaking of which, in this episode, the flashback is Edgar running in a tux, ala James Bond, which we'll later learn it's him being way over the top while he plays Hide-and-Seek with some kid.

They have a lot of fun and some awkward moments including when the thruple news comes out. As the masterminds devised they get stuck at night in the middle of the road and then Edgar's boss starts insulting everyone so Edgar pushes him off the bus, this makes everyone get down to see if he's okay, he pretends to be hurt and Edgar pulls a gun from him, the guy stabs Vernon in the neck and then acts like he's about to kill Edgar, so Jimmy, who has the gun, shoots him. And then crying Lindsay gives Gretchen a dildo, which is the moment when everyone cracks up and they inform the happy couple they've been punked.

In Magical Thinking we realize the wedding is a month away and Jimmy’s on it but Gretchen is more focused on work, since she’s actually trying for the first time, which Jimmy doesn’t seem to be picking up on, he doesn’t even realize he should try to be a little bit more supportive. Gretchen thinks if she can succeed at her job this will mean good news for her marriage, which isn’t exactly a logical equation, but it's not really surprising. The flashback here is Jimmy maybe going to a wedding with Mariah, the flower girl! I did not see that coming.

The day has finally come for Gretchen's big event, it even looks like something managed by a professional, Gretchen is already overwhelmed with responsibility, and it's not easy caring for the first time, but she's doing great, that is until she hears the track Sam and the boys, and Knock, Knock were going to present, she realizes Knock, Knock's verse is too good and it leaves the boys in a vulnerable place, she makes the mistake to tell Sam and he requests Knock, Knock's is taken out of the mix, she tries to reason with her new artist to go in peace but he says if she doesn't play the version with him on it he'll drop her.

Lindsay seems to be going back to old habits, transforming herself to whatever she believes the guy she’s dating at the moment wants. She and the boss start getting more acquainted, a lot more acquainted. Lindsay keeps going on and on about how she’d change everything about herself to be loved and Yvette says she doesn’t need to change a thing, right before kissing her. And let me just say: I’m on board. Lindsay needs someone to fully sweep her off her feet a delete all her preconceived ideas about love, it might not be Yvette, but she definitely needs a change.

Edgar is reevaluating his relationship with Jimmy, finally? They’re working on the scrip but Jimmy seems stuck, especially since he gets distracted by Edgar’s suggestion that he should try to be more involved in Gretchen’s work life, Jimmy says the fact that they don’t do that is why they work, he also insults Edgar and for once he’s not gonna take it so he leaves. Jimmy follows him and they talk while they walk. Jimmy continues to tell him about his thoughts on marriage and Edgar tries to give him some perspective, he says it’s okay to be scared about this big change in his life, but if he was willing to fully open up his life to Gretchen, their relationship would be stronger. Eventually, Jimmy says maybe he does want to share more with his future wife and see her in different environments, he even thanks Edgar which I don’t know if it’s a first but it’s pretty damn close.

Now, back to Gretchen's choice, she ponders what to do for a bit but then her escapist nature kicks in and she makes the sprinklers go off and throws all her hard work out the window. And given how much importance she was giving to the idea of both things being connected, this doesn’t really bode well for the wedding, but, really, none of the foreshadowing does, every single little tip and flashforward, points to the wedding not happening or being a complete mistake, so I guess we'll see, but I don't exactly love that.

"Where do all those doors go?"

What do you think the flash-forward means?