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SpoilerTV - TV Spoilers

Quote of the Week - Week of March 10

18 Mar 2019

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the SpoilerTV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Black Lightning -
1. Jennifer: "I recognize that look." Jefferson: "What?" Jennifer: "The look on your face. You're thinking sappy thoughts, aren't you?" Jefferson: "No, I'm not" {he most definitely was. LOL} Jennifer: "What are you thinking about?" Jefferson: "Lunch. You pick." (Prpleight)
2. {As Jennifer, glowing with power, chases them down.} Tobias: "What's that?" Cutter: "Don't know. Don't care." (Prpleight)

The Cool Kids -
1. Sid: “I’ve always wanted to be a snob. I so seldom get to look down on people.”
2. Margaret: “Look Charlie, all you have to do is get baked and bake. I have always dreamed of running my own business. I will handle everything else.” Charlie: “I don’t think so.” Margaret: “Your weed would be a business write off...” Charlie: “I’m in.”
3. Margaret: “You know what Charlie? You could make some decent money selling these cookies.” Sid: “Oh Charlie, you’d be adorable selling cookies - like a stoned, wrinkly Girl Scout. What am I saying? That would be terrifying.”

Doom Patrol -
1. Mr. Nobody: “No, this cannot be the end. I refuse. I haven't even been in the last two episodes.” (Mads)
2. Doctor Harrison: “Once upon a time, my world was big and filled with monsters. But now the world is small and I am the monster.” (Mads)
3. Cliff: “I didn't mean to I just... If this is really about to go to hell, then I just want to spend my last moments with her.” (Mads)

Fam -
1. Walter: "If you can dance in front of a teenage girl, the most notoriously judgmental creature on the Earth, you can dance at your wedding." (Prpleight)

New Amsterdam -
1. Kapoor: “We both went to bed angry, and then she didn't wake up. All these years I thought I was hurting because I didn't get to say I was sorry. Now I know it's because I didn't get to tell her that I loved her smile, her mischief, her heart.” (Donna)

The Passage -
1. Man: "I thought they only moved at night. Why won't these bloodsuckers stick to the rules!" (Prpleight)
2. Shauna: "You're still telling yourself the same story. That you're some Boy Scout who’s following all the rules, and you're better than everyone else, and I'm just the train wreck that ruined your life. But you know what? You ruined mine first. I was human before I met you." (Prpleight)
3. Brad: "Last lesson. Sometimes the right thing is the hardest thing in the world to do." (Prpleight)

Proven Innocent -
1. Maddie, about jail: “You know I’ll deny I ever said it but a part of me, a very small part of me, relaxes in here.” Easy: “Yeah, it’s like Tahiti without the everything.”
2. Maddie, after Easy hugs a white supremacist: “Why’d you do that?” Easy: “For the greater good. I just pray that small gesture did more than those gates did when they opened up for him.”
3. Easy: “You want to start a war.” Maddie: “We’re already fighting the war, Easy. Let’s friggin’ win it. I just need you to post my bail first.” Easy: “It’s what I live for.”

Single Parents -
1. Angie: “Okay, I opened a third bottle of wine, and we are still wearing our bras, which means that we're quite tame considering it's "Bachelor" night.” (Mads)
2. Poppy: “He went to that Fyre Festival and came home with no complaints.” (Mads)
3. Chris Harrison: “Look, every woman who's come to this mansion has been hurt before. But they come here with no less than 15 formal dresses and occasionally a freakish costume for night 1, ready to put themselves out there again.” (Mads)

Supergirl -
1. Supergirl to Dreamer about her interrogation techniques: “I meant more hands on hips than screaming in faces.” (Zandarl)
2. Brainy: “In times list, this change won’t come from someone with a ring or a cape. It will only come when each one of us answers the call to stand up and be heard.” El Mayarah: “Stronger together. Just because we’re superheroes doesn’t mean we forget who we are.” (Donna)
3. Brainy: “Supergirl may be a symbol – more importantly she’s a citizen of Earth, like the rest of us. Remember that.” (Donna)
4. Alex: “And I know that Supergirl and I haven’t really been on the same page lately. Seeing her out there at that march, hand-in-hand with everybody else…I was inspired.” (Donna)