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The Gifted - oMens - Review

28 Feb 2019

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Well it is officially the season finale (potentially series finale) of The Gifted and it has certainly been an interesting season.

The final episode culminates in several explosive fights, although I honestly found it pretty anti-climatic in some moments.

So how did the showdown between the Mutant Underground, Inner Circle, and Purifiers shake out?

Well the Frosts wind up kidnapping Andy and Lauren, influencing them to destroy the sentinel services building and everyone inside of it, then they almost force them to kill their family too but Esme stops it. By the end, Esme has officially defected to the "good guys" but we don't really find out what happened to her sisters.

Cr: Eliza Morse/FOX
Also how did they forgive Esme for what she did? I mean I like Esme as a character, but she still forced Andy and Lauren to kill hundreds of innocent people. The fallout of sentinel services is completely brushed over as well.

John gets his chance to channel his inner mutant to the max as he evolves into Thunderbird and gets a pretty epic fight scene with some purifiers. He and Erg even get a nice team-up against Jace Turner and his lackies in honor of Blink's memory.

Speaking of Jace Turner, the guy begs for death by the end and I don't blame him. His storyline has been a colossal mess.

Cr: Eliza Morse/FOX
Ultimately though, Reed ends up being the one to save the day as he sacrifices himself to destroy Reeva and unleashes the full might of the Von Struckers. This is the part I really felt was anti-climatic. I wish the battle had lasted more than one episode and the season had contained less filler over all. The Purifiers were really a useless addition in my opinion.

The "battle" involving Reeva is ultimately short-lived and Reed's death happens incredibly fast. By season's end we do get scenes of his family mourning him and the Underground reforming. As Reeva has departed it doesn't mean her influence has gone with her, there are other mutants who plan to follow in her footsteps.

Perhaps the best moment of the episode comes at the tail-end when, in the future, the Underground senses a disturbance and runs out just in time to see a very different looking Blink appear. She's alive thank god! And her powers have developed to the point she can easily toss portals wherever she wants on a whim. She urges the group to follow her because "there's something they need to see" in whatever place she came from.

It's a nice teaser for a possible third season. Is Blink coming from the future? Is she coming from another dimension? The past? Hopefully we get the chance to find out!