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Shameless - Season 9 Premiere - Advance Preview - Are You There Shim, It's Me Ian?: The Price Of Being A Gallagher

Written by John Wells, the season 9 premiere of Shameless airs Sunday, September 9 at 9PM on Showtime. Starring William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum.

What amazes me most about this show besides how much I enjoy it, yet am disgusted by it at the same time, is its ability to remain fresh after 8 seasons.

This season includes: a murder, an STD public health emergency (I'm looking at you Frank), a wedding, rats, infidelity, vomit, sex, more vomit and sex and a great deal of IV antibiotics.

And that's all in just the first episode!

Frank is finding his way into the PTA mom's beds and helping himself to their good silver along the way. Fiona is working to bail Ian out of prison. Though Ian, sans medication, seems to have found his calling doing "Shim's" work in prison.

Ford is trying to convince Fiona to distance herself from her family further and hiding a second cell phone. Carl is doing well at the military academy, but Kassidi may be on the verge of ruining his future...

Lip is taking care of Xan and he appears to be loving it. Though he may have found his match in a bridesmaid. And Liam can NOT be a real Gallagher. His honesty baffles everyone.

Debbie has come up with an inventive/gross way to earn the $18. an hour her male co-worker welders earn. And Kevin and V, missing Svetlana's child care skills, have come up with an interesting and questionable method to take care of their twin girls...

Fiona is definitely staring to show those signs of distancing herself even further from the Gallagher clan. The writing is on the wall...

As always, superb writing, acting and directing. Terrific season premiere. Looking forward to the rest of season 9...though for the love of God, please someone throw away that kitchen sponge in the Gallagher's sink!!!

Favorite quotes: Frank: "Who knew that STDs could bring so much happiness?!"
Carl: "Gallaghers just attract crazy!!"