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The Magicians - Season 4 - Anthony Ingram Joins Cast

Anthony Ingram has been cast as a Manphibian named Lord Fresh, a part-man, part-amphibian Lord of All Fillorian Fresh Waters per Entertainment Weekly.

"Lord Fresh is loyal but never servile to the High Kings of Fillory and encounters one of the show’s unsuspecting, and now magicless, characters," during the upcoming fourth season of Syfy's The Magicians.

Entertainment Weekly has two additional BTS photos of Lord Fresh's costume created by the series costume designer Magali Guidasci. Full Article here.

“Lord Fresh is exactly the kind of royal courtier I’d be in Fillory — loyal, hard-working, web-footed, and able to hold my breath for 2 hours,” executive producer John McNamara said in a statement to EW.

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