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Humans - Episode 3.07 - Review: The Synth Who Sleeps

29 Jun 2018

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I have to admit, I still haven't fully recovered from last week's episode of Humans. I went into this episode — written by Melissa Iqbal — with some excitement and a lot of fear, but this episode was the perfect calm before the storm. It also gives us an awesome word: Robophobic!
The episode started out with Leo and Mattie arriving back at the Hawkins' house in an awkward silence after the news they've just discussed. I found myself shaking my fist at Leo's idiocracy at the thought of leaving Mattie. Luckily, Joe runs out and saves the day with some bad news. Ironic, isn't it? On the flip side of things, Anatole gets back to the Railyard, where Max is waiting to confront him. This was the showdown I've been waiting for all week, and it certainly felt good to watch as Max sees through all of Anatole's lies right there. It's a shame that only a minute later, Anatole uses the truth against him. What Max thought was traitorous, many Synths saw as heroic. I suppose it's a good thing that Leo is running to his rescue.

Max then has no choice but to reveal the whole truth to Anatole — that he and his brothers and sisters were made conscious by David Elster himself way before Day Zero, and that Day Zero was never meant to happen. It was a decision that they made to save one of their own. Max's reveal has little to no effect on Anatole. If anything, it just spurs him on.

Anatole is not wrong, though. Despite the truth that Max just explained, it doesn't change the fact that David Elster created conscious Synths, as well as a hidden consciousness code for a reason. Was that reason to have a robot uprising that wiped out humanity and/or enslaved them? Probably not.

On the other side of right and wrong, Lord Dryden is a hard man to read. Laura claims that she was nothing but a publicity stunt, but Lord Dryden did grant Synths some rights. He did change his mind about Basswood, even temporarily. He did take the time to talk to Mia, even if he didn't have any intention of stopping Basswood. If Basswood was always the endgame, why did he ever allow a visit to the Railyard, show peace with Max, or give Synth rights? He's a complicated character, that one. Laura has given up on convincing Lord Dryden to save the Synths. It takes Mattie dropping the grandmother bomb for her to find a new reason to fight.

Niska's journey closes in on the moments I've been waiting for since they revealed anything about the existence of the Synth who sleeps. When Niska first walked into the shop and the camera panned to the broken Synth, I first immediately thought of Odi. The broken arm was eerily similar. I found myself briefly confused about the costume before it showed it was not, in fact, Odi. I was disappointed because I desperately want Odi back. I had no idea what was to come! I can't say that the Synth's message didn't leave me with chills.

Niska's friend delves into the story of his daughter and how he almost gave her up for adoption. After the mom left, he didn't know if he could handle it. Now, I can't help but notice all of the correlations the show keeps giving us. This man's story sounds exactly like Mattie and Leo's current predicament. It also connects to the motherhood symbol that Niska keeps seeing in her visions, as well as the continuing debate about Synthetic reproduction. It begs the question: How is it all connected?

I also can't help but wonder what is going through Leo's head when he arrives at the Railyard, only to have Anatole greet him like a newly risen Christ. I had never noticed the direct parallel that Leo had, in which he died and was born once again — as a Synth. It shows Anatole's zealotism in such a real light. He's so desperate to hear some good about his "God," David Elster, that he is blindsided by Leo's hate of his father. Suddenly, Leo is no longer a protected part of the Elster-loving community, but instead seen as a traitor to the Elster name.

Luckily, Stanley hears Leo getting kicked around and goes to get help. Here comes Max to rescue his big brother! It's the reunion I've been hoping for all season, and they've got a new ally. I knew I could count on you, Stanley! In an intense and epic fight, Max finishes off Anatole. It's hard to remember how they were close friends only a couple episodes ago. Yet, Anatole still gets his last words in, leaving Max feeling guilty. Once again, it's a heartbreaking truth. While Max was doing what he thought was best for his people, it left them confused and distrusting, making Anatole's job of taking over so much easier. If only Max had told the truth.

Speaking of traitors, Mattie finally figures out the truth about Audrey, the journalist. Audrey is another curious case because while she is a manipulative liar, society does deserve to know the truth about what killed 110,000 of their kind. I will protect Mattie until the end of my days, but I completely understand Audrey's determination to get to the bottom of what happened on Day Zero. It's interesting to see how she's convinced it is Leo until Mattie says otherwise.

(I have to be quite frank: Mattie launching herself into Joe's arms made me feel things I didn't realize I had inside me. Mattie had been bitter towards Joe for so long, and we've never seen such a tender moment between them. Yet, he's always been there when she needs him. It was touching.)

That just leaves us with Basswood. The contingency plan that was developed after Day Zero occurred. It turns out that Neil was not as in the dark as he led us to believe...he was behind the creation of it! His research contributed to the well-thought-out plan to wipe out the Synths. Laura, much like I (and the rest of the audience watching, I presume), was horrified at what's about to take place. Genocide should not be taken as lightly as much of the Dryden Commission was making it out to be. I'm glad that Neil had the guts to tell Laura; now she can use her knowledge to stop it. While I never fully trusted Neil, I'm sad to see that he was part of the problem all season.

The last minute of the episode had me a nervous wreck. I kept looking at the clock, thinking, two minutes minute left...will we find out the Synth Who Sleeps? When Niska ran out of charge, I really thought the episode would cut out there, with a blurry face in the distance. Yet, it didn't cut out there. It kept going. And we finally found out who the Synth Who Sleeps really is…



I don't think words can accurately express my excitement. Even despite his words ("Not exactly…" How so??), I found myself jumping with joy. Odi was always one of my favourite characters, and it is a joy to see his return. And those indigo eyes! He is a completely new type of Synth.

Next week is the season finale, and possibly even the series finale. (Please don't let it be canceled!) Then, all of our questions will be answered, and I honestly cannot wait. And feel a little bit scared.

What did you think of this episode of Humans? How will Mattie's part in Day Zero be revealed, if at all? What's going on with not-Odi? Will any of the main characters die in the finale? Let me know in the comments below!