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Humans - Episode 3.07 - Promotional Photos + Press Release

14 Jun 2018

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Promotional Photos

Press Release

Thursday, 28/6/2018 21:00
HUMANS (S3 Ep7/8)

Max (Ivanno Jeremiah) must confront a friend turned foe. Laura (Katherine Parkinson) reels from her heartbreaking decision, but when Mattie (Lucy Carless) reveals her secret, she is spurred back into action. Niska's (Emily Berrington) journey takes an unexpected turn, while Leo (Colin Morgan) races to be by Max's side, but walks into danger.

Writer: Melissa Iqbal; Prod: Vicki Delow; Dir: Richard Senior; Exec Prods: Derek Wax, Emma Kingsman-Lloyd, Sam Vincent, Jonathan Brackley; Prod Co: Kudos in assoc with Wild Mercury