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SpoilerTV - TV Spoilers

Quote of the Week - Week of April 29

8 May 2018

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

The 100 -
1. Octavia: “You are Wonkru or you are the enemy of Wonkru. Choose.” (Marine)

The Americans -
1. Stan: “Don't ever buy your car from Pennysaver. It's not a completely reputable bunch.” (DarkUFO)
2. Philip: “We should talk because it's better not to let bad feelings fester.” Elizabeth: “You can take your forum bullsh** and shove it up your a**. One of us is in trouble, Philip. I'm going there to help him. Someone who still does his job. Someone who still gives a sh**.” (DarkUFO)

Elementary -
1. Sherlock Holmes: "You know I was recently reminded of our fleeting mortality so I was wondering if you were approaching a point." (Milo)

The Flash -
1. Clifford DeVoe: "You made a vow." Marlize DeVoe: "To my husband. But my husband is dead, The Thinker's first victim." (Naomi)
2. Marlize DeVoe: "Oh Clifford, you are nothing without me." (Naomi)

Grey’s Anatomy -
1. Helen Karev (to her son, Alex): "My sweetest boy. My truest love." (Sam)

Killing Eve -
1. Villanelle, after she deliberately backs over her former lover and rival assassin: "Oops." (Donna)

Last Man on Earth -
1. Carol Pilbasian: "Ever since I was a kid I had a fear of being scared." (Sam)

Once Upon a Time -
1. Henry: “It's not Henry, it's Dad.” (Marko)

The Terror -
1. Francis: “The sacrifice you men are making is worth great reward.” (DarkUFO)
2. Francis: “Friend. Mother. Lover. All the things they say a ship is to a captain, and they miss what really matters. Confessor. This ship knows everything about me, Thomas.” (DarkUFO)

Westworld -
1. Dolores Abernathy: “I used to see the beauty in this world, but now I see the truth." (Milo)
2. Wyatt: “You're right. We have toiled in God's service long enough, so I killed him. And if you want to get to Glory, you won't do it in his favor. You'll need mine.” (DarkUFO)
3. Guest: “You have no idea what you're up against, what is really out there.” Wyatt: “I know exactly what is out there in your world. I've been in your world.” (DarkUFO)
4. Logan: “Do you want to know what they're really celebrating up there? That darlin' is the sound of fools fiddling while the whole f*** species starts to burn. And the funniest f*** part? They lit the match. So here's to you, a***. May your forever be blissfully short.” (DarkUFO)
5. Arnold: “You and Charlie have quite a lot in common, you know. You both see it so clearly. The beauty of it, the possibility of it. So many people have stopped seeing it altogether. The wonder.” Dolores: “Maybe they don't have the courage. A strange new light can be just as frightening as the dark.” Arnold: “That's very wise, Dolores, but sometimes I think we're simply not the ones who deserve it.” Dolores: “It looks like the stars have been scattered across the ground. Have you ever seen anything so full of splendor?” (Laura)
6. Lawrence: “He was dead, or at least the better part of it.” Bill: “Well, dead isn't what it used to be, Lawrence.” (Laura)
7. Teddy: “Glory, the valley beyond. Seems like everyone's got a different name for it, but they're all bound for the same destination.” Wyatt: “It doesn't matter what you call it. I know what we're going to find there. An old friend was foolish enough to show me long ago. It's not a place. It's a weapon. And I'm gonna use it to destroy them.” (Laura)