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Catch-22 - Tessa Ferrer & Jay Paulson Join Hulu's Limited Series

Mr. Mercedes‘ Tessa Ferrer and Jay Paulson (Mad Men) have joined the cast of Catch-22, Hulu’s high-profile limited series co-starring and directed by George Clooney, from Paramount TV and Anonymous Content. Kyle Chandler, Hugh Laurie and Christopher Abbott star.

Ferrer will play Nurse Duckett, the ward nurse who likes Yossarian but has his measure. She’s half-exasperated by his relentless scheming but half-admiring of it too; she enjoys the game but keeps her head on straight. It may well be that in Nurse Duckett, Yossarian has met his match.

Paulson will portray The Chaplain, a nervous, often times ineffectual, gentle chaplain who’s a deep thinker, avoids conflict at all costs, and loves his wife and children intensely. Yossarian and The Chaplain take a liking to one another.