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On This Week - 23rd April 2018

23 Apr 2018

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Hey All, we've got a new regular weekly article that we hope you will enjoy.

Each Monday we'll be posting a new "On This Week" article that will take a look back at some notable events in the world of TV and Movies. This is not meant to be a 100% inclusive of every event (you can research Wikipedia for that :) ) but more for a look at what we see as some of the more significant and interesting ones.

We also include link backs to relevant polls from notable TV Episodes so that you can have a look at how people voted and commented at the time the episode aired. Additionally we hope it will be a good way for people to reminisce about TV shows long gone.

This feature we hope will evolve and improve over time and we would love to hear your thoughts/suggestions. Are there different categories you would like to see covered? Have we missed anything notable out? Or any other ideas/thoughts. All are welcomed.

For now, here is the first edition.