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For The People - Everybody's A Hero - Review: "Pirates Are Real"

23 Apr 2018

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The way For The People balances light and dark and the 6th episode of the season had it all. Also, the addition of Thomas Lennon and Caitlin Stacey to this episode was a certain home run. So let`s dig into this episode story by story.

Allison`s winning streak was about to come to an end as she took on this Pirate case. The blurred lines between what her client had to do and how he did it for the greater good. The writing for this episode balanced out the struggles Allison felt really well. The pressure of winning and losing the battle for her client was really getting to Allison. Jasmin Brown Savoy delivered a really delicate performance avoiding over the top acting to express the emotions and insecurities she was facing. Her talk with Sandra mid through the episode was one perfect scene, the chemistry between them was pure and so palpable. The way they understand and support each other was heartwarming and pushed Allison just enough to get back on her attorney horse and kill it during the trial.

Arturo`s testimony was heartbreaking and it resonated so well, with the message and vibe the story had. Another part of this episode I loved was Jill and how she mentored Allison through this episode. One thing missing in this show are more experienced you lawyers, the generation before our newbies. Allison`s closing was engaging and had so much heart, her winning was maybe a bit too naive but let's have some faith that doing the bad thing for the right reasons don`t have to result in punishment.

Kate getting recruited by Anya Ooms (played by Caitlin Stacey) was one hell of a story and just what Kate`s character/story needed. The interaction and slight cat and mouse game between the two female powerhouses were entertaining, funny and very well written. I would parallel this interaction with Sanvers from Supergirl, where Alex was shuck out of her business life by Maggie laid-back attitude. Just like that Kate was slightly pushed out of her comfort zone with Anya`s wit and more relaxed attitude. Once again Susannah Flood`s face told a million stories as she reacted to all the jabs Anya threw at her. I was really happy Kate decided to open up to Anya and enjoy the chemistry between them.

Not to be forgotten Seth, the unknown matchmaker to this pairing. His opening scene with Kate and the agents was really funny and I love the friendship between Seth and Kate a lot but I do hope the writers remember Seth can do more than just be a hilarious guest star. The writers do neglect him and Jay a bit I hope that changes in the remaining 4 episodes of the season.

Last but not least, there was the Superhero showdown between Sandra and Lenard. The tale about Captain Shadow (played by Thomas Lennon) wasn`t really the most entertaining but seeing Sandra and Lenard clash is always entertaining and enjoyable. The writers know how to play the relationship between them and make it a really enjoyable ride. I really hope that by the end of the season Sandra will score a win against Lenard just to shove it up his smug face.

That is it from me guys, it is your turn now. Tell me what are your thoughts on the 6th outing of For the People`s freshman run. And don´t forget to tune in on Tuesday the 24th for a new episode of this Shondaland drama.