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American Housewife - Season 2 Premiere - Advance Preview

25 Sept 2017

Season 2 of American Housewife kicks off a few months after where we left with the season 1 finale. Katie has survived the summer vacations somehow and with kids going back to school, she can finally have some more free time to herself. She has a "master plan" figured out with picking up the kids after school so she can have the most time to herself in the day. But when that plans in jeopardy when Anna-Kat refuses to join any after school activities, Katie has to convince her to do so which involves her signing up to do some volunteer work. However, she realizes that doing that won't be easy as the Westport moms are still mad at her for faking a pregnancy (Suzanne threw her and baby shower AND she kept the gifts!). So Doris suggests that she make an apology to make the moms forgive her. However, that may not go as Katy expected when Doris does some editing of her own without Katy's knowledge.

Meanwhile, when Taylor announces that she doesn't want to go to college after high school, it falls onto Greg to convince her to do so. However, when gives some really logical arguments for her case, Greg is left dumbfounded.

Lastly, Oliver seems to really like ballet, even though it only started it out as a thing he picked up so he could get into Harvard. But his ballet teacher (guest star Mallory Jansen) doesn't seem to like him very much.

The episode introduces a plot with Katy that seems like it will be carrying on through the entire season.

American Housewife returns this week in its new timeslot of Wednesdays at 9.30 on ABC.